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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Want to Challenge New Environment

Things that were tough after joining JKT48: Can’t speak Bahasa fluently, so I cannot express my feelings.
Challenge she wants to do in JKT48: Solo concert! I want to sing with the others on a big stage!
Member who frequently played with: Stella, Rena. With Stella I went shopping, eating and sleepover. With Rena I went manicure or play tennis!
Skills mostly being proud of than other members: Sports!
Favorite dishes: Kare, Veggies soup
Things want to be brought on a uninhabited island: Friends!

You love me? I love all of you! Came far away from Japan to entertain all of you, I’m Nakagawa Haruka

So much fun. Every member of JKT48 is still young, exciting and powerful! The dressing room is so lively,” said Haruka who spends time talking with other members.

At first, there’s a barrier in language, the other member won’t start a conversation either,” said Haruka.

In January 2013, Haruka went to Bandung with some of the JKT48 members, and that’s when she began to get close to them.

My urge to talk more with other members is becoming stronger.

The reason behind her transfer from AKB48 is that her decision to be in a new environment. Her schedule in JKT48 right now, performing in the new theater, First CD launching in JKT48 makes her felt like in AKB48 first establishment.

I want JKT48 to be famous until people realize ‘Oh there’s AKB48 in Japan!’ I also want the other members not to be afraid to go on and on,” she said.

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