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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Strength: Dancing, singing, acting
Weakness: Crybaby
Things you want to do if you are born as a boy: Become a football/soccer athlete
Favorite dating place: Beautiful beach
The most significant change you felt after joining JKT48: Moving back and forth between home and theater
Things you want to do after joining JKT48: To get promoted into the main team
The closest JKT48 member: I’m close with everyone
The most respected people after your parents: Teacher at school, Staffs, Seniors at Team J, Older members of 2nd generation.

Paw paw~ Paw paw~ Paw paw paw paw~ My voice will rock your heart, I’m Nadila.

I want you to come and see me working hard!

Because fans have taken the trouble to come (to the theater), whatever it is, I too, wish to look beautiful and make them happy. Not only that, I feel happy too if fans also feel like coming back,” says Nadila while giving a smile.

Nadila, who is yet to have enough stamina to dance 16 songs, is still working hard during training. For four years, she learnt Jaipong’s traditional dance. Becoming a singer has been her dream since young, and even at school, she actively joins singing and dancing competitions. Nadila joined JKT48 to keep polishing her talent.

It looks like I seldom dance faster than the tempo of the songs,” says Nadila.

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Hello, my name is Nadila Cindi Wantari, my hobby is to read novels. I also loves dancing and singing.

In my own honest opinion, I’m a really energetic and talkative person while my friends at school regards me as spoiled.

My motivation is to channeled my talent, and to develop myself into someone better. I already got many new friends and precious lessons in JKT48 as well as channeling my talent in dancing in singing.



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