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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, eating, stoning/daydreaming.
Favorite dishes: Pizza, pasta, Nasi Timbul
Least favorite dishes : Fish, shrimp
Favorite quote : Anything that is motivational
Things requested for if one wish can be granted : That my family will always be well and healthy
Things you want to do if you are born as a boy: Car racing!
Dating place of your dreams: Chilling at home as usual and cooking
Closest members in JKT48: Natalia, Viviyona, Dellia, Sisil, Octi.

Like a jewel that always shines, I’m Nadhifa.

I want to be able to influence others

No matter how much I eat, I won’t get fat. Strange, ya?” said Dhifa, the girl who loves to eat and yet can always remain slim.

Dhifa can eat almost anything except fish. People see her as a mature and calm girl; even when she talks with the staff, she would usually reply “Yes, yes.” She has a really cool image. After watching and staying in adoration of JKT48 for a few times, she eventually joined the audition.

There are so many sweet girls; their dance moves are great too. I also grew an interest in joining,” says Dhifa, revealing her secret. Her ambition is to be able to grant an influence to other people.

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My name is Nadhifa and I’m 17 y.o. I love to eat, I love to sleep. JKT48 is the place for young girls to reach their dreams where they could become a good and successful entertainer.

This is the place for me to add more experiences and to test how far our mental prowess could go. Well, obviously, I could also get many friends and there are a lot of lessons we could get in here.

So I hope in the future I could be successful but not just based on material (Money).



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24 NOVEMBER 1995
TENURE : 2012-2013