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Jakarta Shimbun Entry

Skills: Dancing, singing
Hobbies: Drawing comics
Favorite phrase: “Use effort and produce results”

Energetic girl worried about oversleeping

She says it; everyone says it. Milen is a super energetic girl. During the day, she gives her best in practicing singing and dancing, which she loves so much, and at night, “I sleep like a log. It has caused me problems sometimes though…” she says with a playful smile.

She overslept the day of the JKT audition too, but made it at the last moment. Another time, after a concert in Surabaya, the girls were to go back to Jakarta the following morning, and meetup time in the hotel was 8 a.m. “I woke up…at 8 a.m. I was in a panic.” She rushed to the lobby, but no one was there. She looked for the others, increasingly worried, and found they were eating breakfast in the restaurant. “Since then, I’m paying more attention, because I’d cause trouble to everyone.” Now she sets two alarm clocks before sleeping, every night.

Both her parents are doctors, and her father wishes her to follow in his footsteps. She can’t stand the sight of blood, though, and says that “I’d like to become a pediatrician or aesthetic surgeon.”

English Translation by Wotaliano
QC by RHKilis

Video Profile

Hi all, I am Milenia Christien Glory Goenawan. People call me Milen and I am 14 years old. People usually think that I am quiet, arrogant and picky about making friends. Maybe because I am a new kid in that place, so I prefer to be reserved. Once you know me deeper, I am a cheerful, talkative and witty. Did you know why I am so talkative? Because for me, every little thing can be a topic of conversation.

A drive to be a better person in terms of attitude, mental and talent motivates me to attend JKT48. I am working hard so I don’t disappoint you, guys.

I hope I can deliver better and optimum performance. I am not satisfied to what I have been doing so far. Also I don’t want to be an arrogant person and I want to get closer with all of you wherever you are.

I hope JKT48 could achieve and advance more, produce continuous generation, and then perform better than ever. So, keep supporting me in JKT48. Thank you, bye!

English Translation by Tilly


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12 MARCH 2000