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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Favourite Food : Sushi
Least Favourite Food : Mushy food
Favourite Words : My oshi is YOU!
Favourite Places : Beaches, big cities like New York
Ideal Man : Handsome and cool, someone who put her as the most important person
Her wish to be granted someday : Slimmer and her eye bags disappears
Favourite Dating Place : Zoo, a dinner inside a car with a night view
Reason for attending the audition : Having new experiences, meeting new people
Changes after joining JKT48 : Studying for an exam after training

Like a fireworks which got your attention, I’m Lidya

I want to fight alongside the second generation members

My voice is like a man’s voice because of it’s low tone. But most of JKT48’s songs have high key tone so I have some difficulties with it”, said Lidya. She’s in the cheerleading squad for 4 years and learned so much about teamwork from it.

Ever since she recognize JKT48, she admire JKT48 members’ hardworking nature.

After I met with JKT48 members who all have different personalities and came from different places, now I can spend my time more with a lot of people. Now I’ve been a 2nd generation member of JKT48,“ says Lidya.

As it turns out, both of Lidya’s younger brothers aren’t that interested with her being an idol which makes her upset.

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My name is Lidya. People told me that I’m a pretty much ignorant person and I always being regarded as grumpy by people who just have know me. I mean, I rarely smile if I don’t know the people I talked to. But in reality, I’m not grumpy, I swear. The point is, I’m a nice person inside.

JKT48 is the place where we could develop our own talent and helped us in gaining our confidence. We also learn about a lot of new things and meeting people.

I want to try my best so I could get some recognition by people who have supported JKT48 since the very beginning.



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17 AGUSTUS 1996

17 AGUSTUS 1996