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Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry

The mood maker, her jokes with parody songs make others laugh

Strength : Knows how to play various musical instruments
Weakness : Short tempered
Favorite food : Sushi, noodle and bakso
Disliked food : Bitter gourd
Favorite place : Beach, calm place, own room, cafe
Dream : Pianist, doctor
Ideal type of guy : Nice, have a nice sense of humor, smart, smells good
Favorite shopping place : Plaza Indonesia, EX, Grand Indonesia, Mangga Dua, Ambassador
Ideal place for a date : A romantic and unforgettable place
Changes she felt after becoming a JKT48 member : Could control her emotional side more so that she could befriend all JKT48 members
Closest friends in JKT48 : Sonya, Kinal, Ve

My Bag

My favorite stuff is this pink wallet. Other than that is just my perfume and mobile phone, perhaps

Always cheerful and will try to make everybody happy. I’m Jeje!

Blessed with a perfect pitch, really good at singing and playing musical instruments

Jeje really good at making jokes and known as the funniest among all the members. When concert, she often made the audience laughing when it’s her turn to do the MC session. Although she admitted that at the first concert she can’t talk very well and didn’t perform as good as she expected. But we are sure, Jeje with her cheerful nature could attract laughter with her parody songs made by herself and could do a better interaction with her fans in near future. All the fans, please give your best support for her!

Jeje was really moved when her fans came over from Bandung to Jakarta to watch JKT48 first show in Jakarta.

With her perfect pitch, aside from singing good, she could also play various musical instruments such as piano and guitar. Before joining JKT48, Jeje already have some experience in modelling world, so she’s pretty sensitive when it came to fashion.

Find Jeje’s charm since she could do a lot of things including when she says her hello to you as a MC!

Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Changes after joining JKT48 : Learns about the surrounding communities, the meaning of hard work, and getting a lot of friends
Happiest moments in JKT48 : Doing charity event or performing in other cities.
Closest members and things you do with them : Sonya, Sonia, Dhike ; Having fun together
Are you the type who confess her feelings to her lover : Of course the one who needs to confess their feelings first is my lover not me. I want my counterpart to listen to me. I don’t like a suspicious guy! If there is anyone who confess his love to me, I might not say anything to him and always looking to the ground because of my shyness. Hahaha.
Things you want to do during an anniversary with your boyfriend : A candlelight dinner. I want my boyfriend who does the shopping, cooking, and the preparation for the dinner. I know it will be a special day since it is he who does the preparations.

Eager to perform in Gelora Bung Karno

Jeje love to tease other members.

Sometimes I’m a bit selfish,” said Jeje honestly.

During her training with other members, she confessed that she understands more about other JKT48 members’ personality.

I was a bit lazy back then. I wanted to do something that I want, but turns out I have to do something different, and also I was a bit of a spoiled child, but I give it my all now,” She said to explain her daily life.

Even though she’s always joking and teasing, she was the one who cries a lot during JKT48 1st Anniversary.

We had just release our first album, it makes me feel that the community is accepting us now. I want JKT48 to be bigger in the future. Now my goal is to perform in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.

HAI Magazine 2012 Entry

I had been playing the piano since I was 3 years old. However, I never like the music tuition place because the teacher is fierce and the pressure that I experienced “said the girl who is also skilled in strumming the guitar.

Even though it was tiring, she confessed, her effort was paid off after looking at her results slip at her tuition place. In the Primary 5 category, she managed to get in to top 10 out of 160 students. She had since been motivated to improve her performance every year.

I love instrumental music with nice arrangements that sounds pleasant to the ears ” the girl who is the youngest among the 3 siblings ended.




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