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Strengths: Loves to laugh, tall body.
Weaknesses: Impatient, not good at playing musical instruments, looks older than her age.
Hobby: Swimming, traveling, reading novels, playing badminton.
Favorite foods: Sushi, Soup, and foods that are not spicy.
Disliked foods: Fried rice, spicy foods.
Dreams: Pediatrician.
Things you’d want to do if born as a boy: Riding bicycles with friends.
Favorite subjects: Chemistry, physics, biology, psychology.
The most memorable moments after joining JKT48: At audition. Every feeling that was felt, like ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘nervous’ etc. And also having many friends from all over Indonesia.
Things you want to be do while in JKT48: Wants to be better without being taught over and over again.

Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Even though I’m mocked for being innocent, I love all the people around me. My name is Hanna

I want to strive with all of my might without giving up!

I heard about the JKT48 audition from a friend, so I wanted to try for it,” said Hanna.

I like funny things, so I often grin”.

Her innocence and friendly character often makes the other members refer to her as being “like a kid”. And moreover, she loves to play with children. This pampered girl has a big curiosity. She always wants to know more and is always asking questions. Traveling is her hobby, but often times she falls asleep at the destination. Her favorite things are salmon sushi and pandas.

I want to strive and be successful in JKT48,

she says when talking about herself. Even until today she keeps on striving.

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My name is Jennifer Hanna, you can call me Hanna. People told me that I look innocent, but I don’t think so. I think I’m more of an airhead.

I already be able to learn how to dance, how to sing and better befriend people who support me after I entered JKT48. I’m praying that JKT48 could becoming more famous than ever before.

My motivation is to become my better self and to become inspiration for people along with making my parents proud of me. Thank you~




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26 JANUARY 1998