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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Strengths : Good in singing.
Weakness : Hard to be expressive.
Expert in : Singing.
Favorite dishes : Pizza.
Least Favorite dishes : Shrimp, cuttle.
Favorite quote : Be yourself.
Aspiration : Want to be a director of a company.
Ideal guy : Someone who is cool and loves me dearly.
Things requested for if one wish can be granted : Want to grow taller.
Reason for auditioning : Want to try new things that are fun.
Things she want to achieve in JKT48 : I want to be able to sing while dancing and be more expressive.
Closest members in JKT48 : Cinvia, Della, Viviyona.

Even if my face looks sad, I am always happy. Call me Vanka.

To realize the dream I had since 2 years old!

Since the age of 2, I have always dreamed of being a singer like this. I still remember the times I sang children songs when I was 2 years old,” said Vanka.

This girl often listens to Western and JKT48 songs.

I am happy that I can learn dancing in JKT48. Once, I did a mistake on stage; I felt that everything in my head turned white and then I just went blank. I will continue persevering so something like this will never happen again”, said Vanka.

According to staff, Vanka was indeed a little sloppy, but now, she is getting better. Her hobby is reading books she likes over and over again.

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Hello, My name is Thalia Ivanka. I’m pretty much hard to guess. My hobby is reading manga or anything book related. I love to read. Thank you~

My motivation is to be successful in JKT48 and to shoulder JKT48 name and to made it known not only in Japan and Indonesia but also around the world.

For me JKT48 have a meaning about friendship. I met a lot of new friends here. And me who doesn’t know how to dance and to sing, now could do both pretty well.

私にとってのJKT48の意味は、友情ということかな。 ここで沢山友達が出来ました。最初はダンスも歌も全然だったんですけど、いまはちゃんと出来るようになりました。


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29 JUNE 1999