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Jakarta Shimbun Entry

Skills: Dancing, singing
Hobbies: Swimming
Favourite phrase: “Believe in yourself and go forward”

Moving one step forward

“I can’t wait for the day I can meet One Direction!” Sari says, as a huge fan of the popular English five-member group One Direction. She has already gotten hold of a ticket of their 25 March concert in Central Jakarta at Senayan’s Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, which she will go see with a friend.

She loves music in general and follows the most popular groups on TV, the medium through which she came to know JKT48 too. She describes herself as the “shy type. I can’t just go in front and say what I think.” Yet, “since I thought Melody was really cool,” she decided to enter the audition, which she did not tell her parents about until she had remained until the final stage. They were surprised, but encouraged her, saying, “Do your best and go for it.”

For Sari, who managed to move one step forward, the chance has arrived to make use of her specialty, modern dance.

English Translation by Wotaliano
QC by RHKilis

Video Profile Translation

Hello, my name is Indah Permata Sari. You can call me Indah. I am 16 years old. For any people that just knew me recently, they usually think I am a quiet and shy person. I talk less when I am in the middle of new people. But the opposite happens when I am getting closer with them. I am a talkative and hyperactive.

My motivation to be JKT48 member is to learn and study hard so I could be like our seniors. I would like to inspire people with positive things and make my parent proud of course.

I hope the third generation and me could bring good implications to JKT48, such as more popularity, more fans and more people that willing to help and support JKT48.
Thank you!

English Translation by Tilly


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19 JANUARY 1998