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Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry

The hard worker who never complains the difficulties with timing between school and practice

Strengths : Playing organ, dancing, singing, acting
Weakness : Can’t do a marathon, nervous easily
Favorite food : Satay, cheese cake, chocolate, ketoprak, fried chicken
Dislike food : Stinky bean, squids, bitter gourd
Dream : To become a psychologist.
Ideal type of guy : Smart, loyal, have good sense of humor, brave, protective, active, nice
Most memorable moments as a JKT48 Member : The atmosphere of the audiences before the show start
Reason for Auditioning : To enjoy new things, getting new friends, and getting more self confidence.
The hardest things as a JKT48 Member : To time well between school and my job in JKT48, But no problem to that as I could do both fine.
Closes friend in JKT48 : Everyone, especially Cindy, Ochi and Delima
Celebrity she wants to meet : Watanabe Mayu

My Bag

Currently I’m working on a project about goldfish, so I always brought a book about it, caramel candy and mobile phone charger

Always smiling and easy to laugh, I’m Gaby~

She can’t stop laughing when she does

Gaby is a very cheerful girl that always laughing merrily. She laugh every time, and can’t stop herself when she does it. This doesn’t change even when she’s on the stage, thus, she sometimes get some warning “You Laugh too much!”

She’s really appreciated by the other JKT48 members since her nature that always helps other people without thinking too long. Gaby once accompanied Cleo in a hotel after a concert. When JKT48 having their first concert at May, she sung “Temodemo no Namida” as a unit song and does it beautifully. It looks like Gaby is a type of girl who will evolve more and more due to the praise she gets, so for all her fans, please praise her a lot okay!

She’s a very serious person and loves learning. These days, she said that she wanted to read some book about psychology since she interested in that field.

Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

The most significant changes you felt after joining JKT48: learning how to dance and sing and met various kind of people
Goal: Psychologist
Thing you usually do before performing on stage: Drink water, check twitter, and pray that everything went well
Thing that you still feel hard to do while in JKT48 : managing time between school and JKT48 activity
Closest member and what you usually do when together : Cindy, Delima, Beby. Take a picture!
Body parts you are most proud of : Eyes
Currently obsessed with : Playing guitar
Dishes you are most proud of : Fried rice, fried banana

Learning together in this one-year with unified JKT48 members

In this one year, this girl had become closer with the fans.

I felt like the fans already knows me. They also saw my growth too, didn’t they?” asked Gaby.

Before, she could only memorized the song that are performed on TV, now she already memorized theater songs. Even Pajama Drive Theater Shonichi are her most memorable day.

We are all taught how to dance, be it to those who’re already can dance and those who aren’t,” said Gaby who feels that the bonds between JKT48 members are getting stronger after this one year.

We started from zero. But right now, maybe our grades are about 6 to 7 points from 10. I still have to practice a lot,” she stated.

The fans and the staff actually are recognizing the growth in her nature and expressions.

This year, I also want to meet the fans,” She said. Gaby who’re in the third year at Junior High will enter Senior High this year.

She also will strive as hard as she could to learn lessons from school.

HAI Magazine 2012 Entry

This girl has many activities that she likes but they do not hinder her from having a career (working as an idol). By joining idol group JKT48, Gaby proves it! Just name it, basketball, dance and photography, led by her love for music and playing of the keyboard. Wow!

When asked about her favourite musician, Gaby answered aloud [Celine Dion]!
Her voice is really great. She possesses tones with high octave. In addition, Celine Dion private life is interesting and she’s seldom involved in Hollywood’s gossips” said the girl who is a fan of green bean soup.

One more thing, do you know that Gaby is good in acting! In fact she won the title of [The Best Actress] during primary school and up till today she continues to hone her skill.

However I am often given the antagonist role. Is it because I look tough?” she asked.

-Gaby’s Image Courtesy of Motret48




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