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Jakarta Shimbun Entry

Special ability: Singing
Hobby: Singing
Favorite word: “Never give up”

Raising her spirit with jazz

She likes jazz. When she was an elementary school student, she heard it through YouTube for her first time. She especially loves Indonesian and American jazz. Her favorite one is “When You Believe”, which is a song with jazz tunes by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Hearing it makes her happy, feel good, and her heart is cleaned, she said. Even when she practices JKT48 dances at home, she listens to jazz first to raise her spirit.

Her favorite phrase is “Never give up.” Her family members help her, and her friends support her, pushing her forward from behind. “I go ahead without forgetting the feelings of the girls who failed the third generation audition in my mind.” When her friends said, “Even though you become famous, please don’t forget us and your home town,” her heart was touched. Her role model is Melody, the captain. “I chase behind my seniors, and I don’t want to lose to anyone,” she answered with passion.

English Translation by Japarta
QC by RHKilis

Video Profile

Hello, my name is Farina Yogi Devani, just call me Farina. I’m 15 years old.

People that met me the first time told me that I’m not much of a talker, but those who have know me for a long time will know me for my chin wagging. Well, that’s who I am!

People also told me that I’m a caring person, It’s hard for me to see those whom I love feeling blue.

My motivation to join JKT48 is for sure to make my parents proud, I want to see people that I love feeling proud of me. I also want to be like my seniors in JKT48, to be able to inspire a lot of people.

I want JKT48 to have more generations, so that we have a lot more compatriots and have a bigger theater.

For me myself, I hope I can develop my talent here, to become more independent, and to be able to see AKB48 theater myself.

Thank you, bye!

English Translation by Tilly


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11 MAY 1999