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Diasta Priswarini
[column size="two-third"] <hr /> [toc heading_levels="1,3"] <h1>Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry</h1> <h3>"I love Mayuyu!" Japanese idol secret admirer ?</h3> <blockquote><strong>Strengths</strong> : Patient, loves to learns <strong>Weakness</strong> : Timid <strong>Favorite Food</strong> : Chinese food <strong>Dislike Food</strong> : Bean <strong>Most memorable things</strong> : At the final audition, it feels like that my dream came true. <strong>Reason for Auditioning</strong> : Because I love AKB48 <strong>The biggest challenge she ever face as a JKT48 member</strong> : To time well between school and work <strong>Things she wants to do more as a JKT48 member</strong>: To have more concert in Japan! <strong>Changes she felt after becoming a JKT48 member</strong> : I do more interactions with other people and I can express how I felt more <strong>Closest friend in JKT48</strong> : Ghaida <strong>Celebrity she wants to meet</strong> : Mayuyu, Oshima Yuko, L'arc~en~Ciel</blockquote> <h3>My Bag</h3> <blockquote><em>I really like Japanese mascot such as Rilax Kuma and Hello Kitty! I collected them since they're so cute</em></blockquote> [success]I'm living my dream cheerfully, My name is Diasta![/success] <h3>Communicate with Kojima Natsuki from AKB48 via Google+</h3> Diasta started to love Japanese idols since she interested with a Japanese band 9 years ago. Now she is a AKB48 fans, and her oshimen is Watanabe Mayu, also known as Mayuyu! Diasta often regarded as an "Idols Maniac" by the other JKT48 members. "<em>Well, perhaps I really am a maniac, although that probably because I love everything that related to Japanese...</em>" , she said laughingly. Since she ever often touched with Japanese culture, she could understand Japanese language passively. She befriend Kojima Natsuki from AKB48 since they met at AKB48 concert in Jakarta, and still communicate with her through Google+. Greetings like "Konbanwa/Evening" or "Oyasumi/Sleep Tight" becoming their daily conversational subject. The latest one is that they conversing about the Chinese food both of them having while they're in Jakarta. She's kinda timid, but since she got her chance in AKB48 concert in Saitama Super Arena in Japanese, she's motivated to keep trying as hard as she could. <hr /> <h1>Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry</h1> <blockquote><strong>Change that you felt the most while being in JKT48</strong>: Becoming more confident. <strong>Happiest moment in JKT48</strong>: When I'm doing dance practice. <strong>What you do before going onstage</strong>: eat something sweet to increase my energy. <strong>Member you are closest with and what you do with them</strong>: Ghaida. Going on walks or shopping. <strong>Are you the type to confess your feelings to someone you like</strong>: I want the other person to confess their feelings to me. <strong>Nickname that you want from your boyfriend</strong>: I want to be called by my nickname. <strong>Dish you are proud of</strong>: Nasi goreng (fried rice), omelet <strong>Item you will bring in a deserted island</strong>: my phone. <strong>Ideal wedding dress</strong>: a white wedding dress</blockquote> <h3>A year filled with campus activities and JKT48!</h3> Diasta, who is now on her 8th semester at university remembers her days filled with activities with a smile. "<em>I've become closer with other members, and it feels like my happiness has increased. But this year, I'm busy every day with learning at my campus, and JKT48 activities.</em>" The toughest part is when she has to call JKT48 staff and re-plan her schedule, making her next schedule packed. If everything goes well, this year, she will graduate from university. "<em>Next year, I will concentrate in JKT48 and fight to learn to sing and dance,</em>" says Diasta full of spirit. <hr /> <h1>HAI Magazine 2012 Entry</h1> [tabs] [tab title="English"] For this girl who is nicknamed [Nyash], the culture and entertainment from the Land of Rising Sun are extremely interesting things. Since young, this girl of Bandung origin loves to keep track with all kinds of animation series from Japan. “<em>I love anime and Japanese artist. I really love to watch anime and my favourite ones are Fairy Tail and Hunter x Hunter</em>” Diasta shared. Not stopping at this point, her love for Japan extends over to become her hobby of attending cosplay event as well as forming a band that loves to perform J-Pop. This girl became their vocalist. “<em>However after joining JKT48, I left the band hehehe….</em>” This girl who also owns various action figures said. [/tab] [tab title="日本語"] ニャシュというニックネームの彼女にとって、日出る国からやって来る文化やエンタテインメントは究極の楽しみである。子供の頃から、このバンドン生まれの女の子はあらゆる種類の日本のアニメ・シリーズを追っかけてきた。 「アニメと日本のアーティストが好き。アニメ見るのはほんと大好きなんだけど、特にFairy TailとHunter x Hunterがお気に入り」とディアスタは明かしてくれた。   彼女の日本への愛情はここに止まらず、コスプレイベントに参加したり、J-POPのバンドを結成するまでに至った。彼女はそこでボーカルを担当していたのだ、 「でもJKT48に入って、やめちゃったけどね、へへ」 アクションフィギュアの大コレクターでもあるディアスタはそう語った。 [/tab] [/tabs] [/column] [column size="one-third" last="true"] <a href="http://www.jkt48stuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/J-Diasta.jpg"><img src="http://www.jkt48stuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/J-Diasta.jpg" alt="J-Diasta" width="417" height="417" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-4514" /></a> [tabs] [tab title="English"] <h4>[J-CULTURE HUGE FAN]</h4> <blockquote><strong>Diasta/Nyash BANDUNG, 9 SEPTEMBER 1991 167CM/48KG/O VIRGO GENERATION 1 TENURE : 2011-2013</strong></blockquote> [/tab] [tab title="日本語"] <h4><日本文化大好き></h4> <blockquote><strong>ディアスタ・プリスワリニ 9 SEPTEMBER 1991  BANDUNG生 167cm, 48kg</strong></blockquote> [/tab] [/tabs] [/column] <br />

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