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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Hobbies: Swimming and reading.
Special skills: Singing.
Favourite place: Amusement parks.
One thing you want for your dreams to come true: To make my parents happy by buying them a house.
Favourite place for a date: Beach, dinner on mountain top.
The first persons you told about your JKT48 audition: My parents and friends.
Changes she felt after joining JKT48: Harder to time manage; using all spare time to remember the choreography.
Things you want to do often in JKT48 activities: Want to try my best to become a better dancer.

Like a rainbow who are beautiful and pretty, I’m Dena

Her ambition is to be a role model for JKT48 members

Dena joined JKT48 with her dreams of becoming a star. She really admires Melody from Team J. Dena loves music and the band she took a liking the most is d’Masiv.

I’m still far from professional, but I think after a long hours of training; my dancing and my singing is getting better,” said Dena.

She refers to herself as a “funny girl” since she loves to make others laughed with her weird dances.

I gotten myself a lot of new friends thanks to JKT48. For me, they are my family. I joined this group so that I could become the role model for other members.

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Hello, my name is Dena Siti Rohyati, my friends told me that I’m funny and a little bit of an airhead. But I’m funny and I assured you that I’m not annoying.

I’ve got a lot of experience here, from the old me who can’t dance until now I know a little bit of a dance. And I also got a lot of new friends here. I’m thinking more of a family.

I wanna be a good member so that I could lead and could give a good example for other members. I hope with me on the team, JKT48 will go forward with more success. Together with the first generation, we will build JKT48 into a big presence.




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15 MARCH 1997