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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Hobbies: Swimming, listening to music, singing.
Favourite places: Malls, crowded and cool places.
Dream: Doctor, singer, model.
What you would want if you can make a wish: I would wish for everyone in the world to become cheerful and happy.
Message for your future-self in 10 years: Have 2 kids, become someone that lives her life happily.
Dream dating spot: A special place, going overseas would also be alright.
Reason for auditioning: Because I like idol groups and working with a lot of people.
Hardest thing after getting in JKT48: Going home late after practice. But it is all for the sake of my getting better, so I will keep on fighting!
Change felt the most after entering JKT48: Having lots of friends, I have lots of fans too.

My name is Della Delila, I’m always cheerful with a million sweet smiles.

I hope I can be confident!

Even if people say I look mean, I’m actually very loving,” said Della, the girl who likes to chat and always speaks her mind.

She always warms up the atmosphere with her jokes.

When I saw Team J on TV, all the members looked unified and confident,” said Della, who also wants to become like that.

When Della found out that she had passed the 2nd generation auditions, she was moved to tears. Now her friends at school who know that she is a JKT48 member, tease her by singing “Aitakatta”.

Concerning the matter of never ending chatter, I’m number one at that between the 2nd gen members,” said Della, who is now already a JKT48 member, while laughing.

Starting from now, I will keep on fighting to become better,” she continued.

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Hello, My name is Della Delila. People always telling me that I looked grumpy the first time I met them, but I’m actually really nice. I really didn’t meant to be grumpy, it was just my face! But oh well, rest assured, this is a beauty grumpy kind-of-face, so it’s okay… Eh…..*laugh*

Well sometimes I’m a nice person sometimes I’m not. Depends on my mood. But I think I’m nice if people nice to me. I really loved to make some jokes but I’m really sorry for my grumpy face, I really am. But I swear I’m nice.

JKT48 is an Idol Group obviously and I don’t think I need to explain what that means anymore. But for me, JKT48 is this talent pool of girls who would love to maximize their talent. My dream is to shoulder JKT48 to be able to be like AKB48 in Japan.





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15 NOVEMBER 1998