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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Hobbies: Reading comics, swimming, ice skating.
Special abilities: Capturing other people’s attention.
Favorite foods: Pizza, sushi, takoyaki.
Favorite sentence: In a healthy body, lies a healthy soul.
Favorite places: Clean and comfortable places.
Favorite school subject: All of them, because they are all useful to me.
Favorite dating spot: A beautiful place, like Bali.
Moments that will make you happy: When other people like me.
Reason to audition: I want to try new things and make my parents proud. To improve my talents too.
Member you are closest with in JKT48: I’m close with everyone.

I’m the little limited edition girl that always smiles. I’m Cindy Yuvia, call me Cinvia

Sweet like a child

Cinvia, is a sweet 15 year old 10th grader with a petite figure. Her classmates at school often say that Cinvia is like a little kid. Besides her high-pitched voice, her shy personality makes the people around her adore her even more. Cinvia, who appeared on TV during the first audition of JKT48, looking stunning with her cute costume. Her mother who loves JKT48, really supports Cinvia. Right now, Cinvia’s 12 year old sister also wants to join JKT48. The usually shy Cinvia, becomes focused when dancing, in order to not make a mistake.

As much as I can, I’d like to improve in singing, dancing, and everything,” says Cinvia with fervor.

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Hello, My name is Cindy Yuvia. My hobbies are reading comic books and swimming. I’m a fun, cheerful, funny person.
My motivation is to become an idol and keep on doing my best in both singing and dancing.
JKT48 is a place for me to learn on how to sing and dance better plus, we could expand and explore our talents here also to express ourselves better.
What I’ve got so far is that I could sing and dance better now (compared than before) and I think I could explore my talents here to give my parents and friends the best effort I could do.




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14 JANUARY 1998

152cm ?Kg