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Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry

The Little Sister that Everyone Wants to Protect

Weakness : Doesn’t know how to play Volleyball
Hobbies : Swimming, reading, strolling, watching movies, playing video games
Favorite Foods : Shrimp, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Salmon
Dislike Foods: Clam, peanuts, jackfruit, stink bean, celery
Favorite Words : Kawaii
Goals : To become a Doctor
Thing she wants to do if she reborn as a male : Wants to be a cool, smart and nice senior
Favorite Subjects at School : Math, English, Bahasa Indonesia
Most memorable moments after joining JKT48 : To get new experiences, getting new friends, and spends time together with the other members
Closest friends in JKT48 : Neneng (Ochi), Rena, Gaby, Ghaida

My Bag

I didn’t pack a lot stuff into my bag. Even sometimes my bag were empty. Oh, but I always brought a comb with me, that’s an exception

Like a sugar, will brighten up your days ~ My name is Cindy Gulla!

As cute as a doll, eternally smiling

The way she talks, her gestures, her tiny looks, and everything about her is so cute! She looks like a living doll and very popular among the staffs and members. They often said

Please, be my little sister!” , or

Seeing you dance makes me feel refreshed

The other members admitted that they never saw Cindy gloomy or sad since she always smiles. Except when she fell at the rehearsal for her first concert in Jakarta, she cried at that time which shocked the other members and makes them very worried.

Maybe due to that, she regarded as a spoiled child. But she denied it.

I only get spoiled when I got sick” , even though she then said “I really looks childish am I ?“, and perhaps shows her own conscience that she acknowledge her spoiled attitude (Perhaps?)

She participated in a swimming club at her school but feels a little bit sad that she doesn’t have the time to go swimming these days.

Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

The happiest moment in JKT48: At Hi-touch and handshake event. I’m happy to meet directly with fans!
Dreams: Famous artists.
Things that were usually done before going up on stage: Praying, drink water, hold other member’s hand.
Things that were tough after joining JKT48: Can’t do sexy pose!
Member who frequently played with: Geby, Rena. Took a photo together, mention each other on twitter.
The body parts that were the most proud of: Face and hair
Skills mostly being proud of than other member: Dancing, expression
Favorite dishes: Noodles, fried rice.
Things she wanted the most right now: A car. I want to be able to drive myself!

Back then I was a bad MC, but now for MC-ing leave it to me!

At first I don’t know what to say on the stage,” said Cindy.

Back then, becoming MC is a tough job for her. In January 2013, Cindy became the MC of Akagumi on the New Year event.

Now I am confident and becoming MC is not a problem anymore,” she said.

Remembering these past one year, the moment of Team J’s formation announcement surprise is indeed memorable, and Cindy were happy because all of the trainees back then became the member of team J.

Now I’m quick at memorizing dance moves. Among the other members, my memorizing speed was so-so,” Cindy told a story about her development.

But as always, she is still regarded like a kid by the other members.

HAI Magazine 2012 Entry

This girl who has photography skill because she often goes travelling with her parents said, “I really love to travel to the beach because I love such place and the calm atmosphere there. Just try, listening to the sound of the waves with closed eyes. Aaah….peaceful. In addition, there are many beautiful moments that can be photographed.” Cigul,who is the older between the 2 siblings, exclaimed.

The state of Cigul, who is identified with various charger and (electrical) plugs when she meets with Nabilah in JKT48, is inspirational and talented not just for her friends but also for her fans. Hence she is dubbed as the “First Lady” in JKT48.

My father is an important figure in my life” the girl who is a fan of A7X ended.




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JAKARTA, 29 MAY 1997
TENURE : 2011-2013


29 MAY 1997 JAKARTA生 
155cm, 39kg