Ayana Shahab

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Ayana Shahab
[column size="two-third"] <hr /> [toc heading_levels="1,3"] <h1>Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry</h1> <h3>Born in Osaka and Loves to Chat!</h3> <blockquote><strong>Weakness</strong> : Short tempered <strong>Hobbies</strong> : Swimming, Dancing <strong>Favorite Food</strong> : Udon <strong>Disliked Foods</strong> : Bitter gourd, Tomato <strong>Things she does during school break</strong> : Sleep, Eat, Working on her homework <strong>Favorite Places</strong> : Beach, Park <strong>Ideal type of Guy</strong> : Nice, No cheating, Caring <strong>Favorite School Subject</strong> : Math <strong>Reason for Audition</strong> : Loves to dance, Loves AKB48 <strong>Most difficult things in JKT48</strong> : Strenuous drill, busy show schedule <strong>Closest friends in JKT48</strong> : Rena and Beby</blockquote> <h3>My Bag</h3> <blockquote><em>Today I bring along a doll from a fan for a 2S session</em></blockquote> [success]Although I have jaded eyes, I'll always eager to entertain you, My name is Ayana, call me Achan~[/success] <h3>Her performance improved Rapidly due to the sensation she felt when looking at AKB48</h3> Ayana was born and raised in Osaka, Japan until she was 5 y.o . She then came back to Japan when she's at 2nd grade and lives there for two years. Due to the fact that she could speak Japanese fluently, Rena-chan became one of her best friend and unconsciously she always talks using Osakan dialect. On the other hand, her innocent and no-ill intention nature makes her loved by the other members and thinks of her as a little sister, even by those who even younger than her. When performing together with AKB48, Ayana who usually very vibrant cannot hide her surprise with the high dancing skills AKB48 members had shown her. While looking at how good the MC session was brought by AKB48 members, Ayana was amazed and gave her a new inspiration, "<em>I have to try harder!</em>" she thought. Since then, the staffs admitted that she improved herself rapidly. When training, her mind is full of the hope that one day, she could go on a stage together again with the AKB48 members. <hr /> <h1>Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry</h1> <blockquote><strong>Changes she felt after getting into JKT48</strong>: Feeling more confident <strong>Dream</strong>: Famous idol, kindergarten's teacher <strong>Most difficult thing in JKT48</strong> : Lack of sleep time, I need to adjust study time with JKT48 activity time. <strong>The closest member and what are you doing when playing together</strong> : Delima, walking around and shopping. <strong>A part of body which you are proud of</strong> : Eyes and pony <strong>Talent which you are proud of than your other abilities</strong> : Performance, dancing, and MC. <strong>Stuff you bring on uninhabited island</strong> : Pillow <strong>Your dream wedding dress</strong> : A plain white wedding dress</blockquote> <h3>Growth in a year which can't be compared with anything</h3> "<em>My days are delightful filled by TV and commercial shooting. But among all, the most delightful is theater since I can get the strength from the fans. Every day feels so packed,</em>" Ayana said while remembering her anxiety welcoming theatre debut. "<em>There were only several songs that would be performed then, and suddenly I had to memorize 16 songs, it felt so difficult. Just the middle of setlist and I had already lost my power,</em>" Told Ayana about the struggle in training during one year memorizing lyrics, choreography, and positioning. "<em>Now is different from the past. Everything is getting better. It can't be compared. For example, I needed a month time on Heavy Rotation to memorize the choreography. But now, I am already progressing more and able to master the moves only in one day,</em>" she said. <hr /> <h1>HAI Magazine 2012 Entry</h1> [tabs] [tab title="English"] Her father is an Indonesian with Arab descent while her mother is pure Japanese. It is no surprise since Ayana has an authentic beauty as a result of her parentage. The girl, nicknamed Achan, lived in Japan when she was young. “<em>I only began to learn Bahasa Indonesia in primary 4. Therefore even when I am talking, I often stumble with my words hehehe…..</em>” Achan said. However the Japanese blood in her helps to maximize her performance in JKT48. In fact Ayana revealed that she planned to audition for AKB48 before she went for JKT48, although she was not confident initially. Now in the midst of her work in JKT48, this girl who aspires to be a kindergarten teacher still takes time to participate in the Student Council activities in her school. I wonder what division is she in. “<em>I chose to enter the [SHG] Division (Safety, Hygiene, Environmental Beauty)</em>” Achan said. [/tab] [tab title="日本語"] 彼女の父親はアラブ系インドネシア人で母親は日本人。アヤナの美しさは、両親から受け継いだものだ。アチャンというニックネームの彼女は、幼い頃は日本で暮らしていた。 「インドネシア語は小学校4年から始めました。だから今でも時々言葉に詰まっちゃうの、へへへ」アチャンは言う。 しかし、彼女に流れる日本人の血は、JKT48の活動で大いに力になっているようだ。実はJKT48に入る前に、あまり自信はなかったけれど、AKB48のオーデションを受けようと思ったことがあると彼女は明かしてくれた。 いまはJKT48の仕事が忙しいけれど、将来は幼稚園の先生になりたいと考えていて、学校でも生徒会活動に参加している。どんなことをしているのと尋ねると、 「安全衛生と環境美化の委員会にいるの」とアチャンは教えてくれた。 [/tab] [/tabs] [/column] [column size="one-third" last="true"] <a href="http://www.jkt48stuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/J-Ayana.jpg"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-4515" alt="J-Ayana" src="http://www.jkt48stuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/J-Ayana.jpg" width="417" height="417" /></a> [tabs] [tab title="English"] <h4>[THE HALF JAPANESE GIRL]</h4> <blockquote><strong>Ayana/Achan OSAKA,3 JUNE 1997 157CM/41KG/O GEMINI @ACHANJKT48</strong></blockquote> [/tab] [tab title="日本語"] <h4><ハーフ・日本・ガール></h4> <blockquote><strong>アヤナ・シャハブ 3 JUNE 1997 OSAKA生 157cm, 41kg</strong></blockquote> [/tab] [/tabs] [/column]

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