Annisa Athia

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Annisa Athia
[column size="two-third"] <hr /> [toc heading_levels="1,3"] <h1>Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry</h1> <blockquote><strong>Hobbies</strong>: Drawing comics, drawing on shirts. <strong>Favourite food</strong>: Ramen, takoyaki. <strong>Favourite place</strong>: Places where they sell things I can collect. <strong>Dream</strong>: Becoming a designer of Japanese-style clothes for young people. <strong>Message for your future self</strong>: Become a mature woman! <strong>What to try if reborn as a guy</strong>: I want to try things that girls can't do. Then become a smart and cool guy. <strong>Favourite shopping places</strong>: Japanese-themed events, malls. <strong>Most memorable thing after entering JKT48</strong>: I think that the things I experience every day are for the sake of myself; which will allow me then to become a mature woman. <strong>What you want to achieve in JKT48</strong>: I want to find my own character. <strong>Closest member in JKT48</strong>: Shafa. <strong>Celebrity you want to meet</strong>: Maeda Atsuko.</blockquote> [success]Cosplay and ramen are my favourites. My skill is drawing. I will draw a smile on your heart. My name is Annisa, call me Ni-chan.[/success] <h3>Wanted to join JKT48 because of manga.</h3> Since childhood, Ni-chan has liked Japanese comics and as such the words: "I'm an otaku" are engraved in her heart. When she was a kid, her mom forbade her to read manga. But that only made her keep reading manga and loving it more and more. The reason she joined JKT48 was because of the anime also. The person who has influenced her the most is the ex-center of AKB48, Maeda Atsuko. Now, Ni-chan thinks "<em>JKT48 is the place I can express myself.</em>" Ni-chan also likes to cosplay and buys costumes with her own money. During the 2nd generation audition, she even cosplayed as a game character. And when she went to Japan for the final audition, she used her free time to walk around Harajuku while cosplaying. <hr /> <h1>YouTube Profile</h1> [youtube=] &nbsp; [tabs] [tab title="English"] <blockquote>Hi, My name is Annisa, you can call me Nichan. I'm uh..sometimes a laid back person but sometimes also a busybody and in other times I'm just crazy fun. But I think I'm on that crazy fun mode most of the time. My hobby is cosplaying and eating ramen. For me JKT48 is the right place to expressed myself. I want to show you my real self, to know me better as a person. With me on board I hope JKT48 could be more a fun place to be, and JKT48 to be able to compete with AKB48 and all the sister groups. </blockquote> [/tab] [tab title="日本語"] ハーイ、私の名前はアニサです。ニーチャンと呼んでね。私は、えーと、時々はお気楽で、時々はお節介焼きで、それから無茶ひょうきんな時もあります。でも大体いつもは“無茶ひょうきん”モードかな。 趣味は、コスプレとラーメンを食べること。私にとってのJKT48は、自分自身を表現するのにぴったりの場所だと思う。もっとよく私を知ってもらうために、ありのままの自分を見せたいんです。私は、JKT48がもっと楽しくなって、AKB48や他の姉妹グループと立派に競えるようになりたいと思います。 [/tab] [/tabs] [/column] [column size="one-third" last="true"] <a href=""><img src="" alt="Trainee-Annisa2" width="417" height="417" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-4621" /></a> [tabs] [tab title="English"] <h4>[ANIME AND MANGA]</h4> <blockquote><strong>Nichan 8 OCTOBER 1997 153CM/-KG/AB LIBRA @Nichan_JKT48</strong></blockquote> [/tab] [tab title="日本語"] <blockquote><strong>アニサ・アティア ニーチャン 1997年10月8日生 153cm/-kg/AB型 天秤座</strong></blockquote> [/tab] [/tabs] [/column] <br />

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