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Jakarta Shimbun Entry

Special ability: Modeling
Hobby: Outdoors, singing, dancing
Favorite word: “Never give up”, “hard work does not betray”

Wants to give energy to fans

She was born in Surabaya. She said, “I aim at being a member like Melody, who is the most popular, even in Surabaya.” From fourth grade in elementary school to third grade in junior high school, she has been a model.

Her reason to join JKT48 is “because I want to motivate other people.” Since she was cheered up by JKT48, she said, “Now it’s my turn to liven up JKT48 and to give people courage and energy,” with her eyes shining.

Anggie’s mother, who has been supporting Anggie, is living and fighting against cancer. However, she has been supporting her daughter’s modeling activity as well as taking care of her daughter’s clothes and make-up for a stage performance. “I really respect my mother,” Anggie said.

Anggie’s hobby is outdoor activities. She is a great lover of nature; she often goes to mountain climbing. “The views from the summit and the air are fantastic,” she said.

Her future dream is to become an owner of an Italian restaurant. She said she would like to open her own restaurant in Surabaya and for people there enjoy it.

English Translation by Japarta
QC by RHKilis


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13 MARCH 1996