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Her sexy lips, make these eyes keep staring at her… ♥

Strength : Patient and doesn’t get angry easily
Weakness : Has a habit of doing all nighter, thus waking up late
Hobby : Watching DVD, Photography, Jogging
Favorite Cuisine : Padang and Sunda cuisine
Disliked Foods : Sayur Asem (Translator Note : Sayur asem or sayur asam is a popular Indonesian tamarind dish. Common ingredients are peanuts, young jackfruit, melinjo, bilimbi, chayote, long beans, all cooked in tamarind-based soups and sometimes enriched with beef stock. Quite often, the recipe also includes corn. Source : Wikipedia) and fried onions/garlic.
Ideal Type of Boy : Kind, Nice Smell, Handsome and Tall.
Ideal Place for Dating : Romantic-ish type of Restaurant, Cinemas
Most Pleasing Moments : While gathering or taking a trip with family
Reason of Joining JKT48 : Trying something new
Most difficult moment as JKT48 member: Learning the dance choreography while still have to attend lessons in campus
Most favourable member in JKT48 : Sendy

My Bag :

I didn’t realized it at first, but somehow my bag is full with pink-colored accessories. I rarely change my stuffs, usually I still use my accessories if it’s still wearable. That’s why this bag is really old.

Loves Red and Teddy Bear… My Name is Mova !

The Bandung, August 28th 1993-born beautiful member of JKT48, likes being in countryside/village. “I like to stroll… strolling in countryside/village to be exact because of its fresh air and the beautiful scenery which helps to calm one nerve down” claimed Mova.

Mova also likes to watch movies, especially horror movies. Mova also collects several horror movie DVDs.

I love to watch horror movies. However I do not really like action movies because the level of tension felt is different compared to watching horror movies” claimed Mova, who is currently majoring in Communication in a university in Bandung.

Prior to becoming a JKT48 member, Mova already loved Jazz; she had an acoustic band with 2 of her friends. But unfortunately the band did not do well and stopped before they could release a single.

It was just a small band to perform at small events,” claimed Mova who idolises Tompi (Indonesian Jazz singer Teuku Adifitrian).


「ホラー映画大好き!でもアクション映画はあんまり好きじゃない。 ドキドキ感がホラーのほうが断然すごいじゃない」と語るモファは、バンドンの大学でコミュニケーション論を専攻している。



The undergraduate student who can time well between lessons and JKT48

Mova and Melody attend the same University, and Mova took her class at the Department of Communication Science. Now She’s learning about corporate promotion. Sometimes she came late to JKT48 Training session because of her activities in campus, but Mova is a Quick Learner. While travelling in the car, she watches while learning the dance choreography on DVDs, and then practices them when the night comes. The most astonishing part of her beauty is her lips. She’s a bit shy, so please keep supporting her. Your supporting voices when live performances and handshake session will keep helping her to stay in spirit.


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TENURE : 2011-2013


28 AUGUST 1998  BANDUNG,生 
167cm, 52kg
保有権 : 2011-2013