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Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Hobbies: Dancing, diving, cooking and playing volleyball.
Strength: Dancing.
Cooking I am proud of: As long as there are materials and cooking tools, I can cook anything.
Favourite place: Manado and Raja Ampat, and any places where I can visit for diving.
Dream: Professional Dancer. I want to be an artist like Agnes Monica who can dance and sing.
Ideal type of man: Prefers humor. Tender and mature. Sweet smell.
Reason for attending the audition: I liked the costumes, then I also liked JKT48 itself. Because I saw how the members’ expressions changed according to their songs.
Changes after joining JKT48: I became to be able to sing and dance.
Closest member in JKT48: Close to all members. I often chat with Noella because many people say that my features and character are like hers.

With this my beautiful eyes, I will hypnotize you all. Hi, my name is Acha.

An active girl who likes outdoor!

I’m not a type to be quiet and stay gentle,” Acha said, who is an active girl and makes herself busy with various school activities such as volleyball and cheerleading.

Besides her school activities, Acha was also ambitious as to join JKT48.

I want to provide people my influence through singing,” is her reason.

She was born in a family that enjoys outdoor activity and since she was young, has often gone out with her family, especially with her father who is from Manado. Her great father also often coached her diving, particularly in her favourite beautiful sea, Bunaken.

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Hello everyone, my name is Acha. I love to talk a lot. And whenever I’m training, Ka Gitcha always said that I looked like a headless chicken, jumping around here and there. My hobby is swimming.

My main motivation (joining JKT48) is that I would like to channeled and develop my own talent. I also love to have another activity aside from my school life and I’ve added up JKT48 numbers ain’t I.

I now have another activity aside from my school life. My life is complete.




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24 MAY 1999