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Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry

The girl who have this amazing singing ability and impressive voice


Strengths : Good at singing, dancing and acting
Weaknesses : Scaredy-cat
Favorite Foods : Sausage, Bakso
Dislike Foods : Anything Spicy, and I’m allergic to shrimp and crabs
Favorite Place : Anything crowded, like a game center or playing ground
Reason for Audition : I want to be success as a celebrity and make my parents happy
Ideal type of guy : Reserved, nice and someone who can accept me as I am
Things she want to do if she ever reborn as a male : Wants to work hard and be a man that could protect my mom
Hardest things in JKT48 : It’s hard to get the position that we want
Changes she felt after becoming a JKT48 member : Could accept different idealism than mine
Celebrity she want to meet : Agnes Monica, Celine Dion


My Bag


I took many candies from the dressing room! Hehe, that’s why my bag is heavy


My smile is rhyme and will make you dance~ I’m Sendy~
私の笑顔はあなたを踊らせちゃうリズムです 〜私はセンディ〜

Trophy Collector that have won various singing contest

Sendy’s voice is very beautiful. Her singing ability is one of the best in JKT48. Sendy loves singing since she was a child and her dream is to become a singer. She really loves to hear to Agnes Monica and Celine Dion. Sendy have also won various singing contests. She could sing song from various genres, such as Dangdut and Mandarin songs.

Not only singing, Sendy is also good at dancing. She wants to be a singer that could do both dancing and singing!

Sendy was having a stomachache at her first concert in Jakarta due to nervous. Now she said that she could express her feelings through her singing. At the back stage, Sendy often suddenly singing with a very loud voice, or to whisper the song to the other members ear and thus makes the atmosphere more merry.

Sendy now studying Engineering Informatics. She worked hard in both her study and her dream to be a professional singer.





Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Moment that makes you really happy : Every single time, especially when I think about the fans.
Challenge you want to try while in JKT48 : Want to learn better how to balance singing and dancing rhythm
Things you usually do before going on stage : Warming up my vocal chord and a little snack time.
Confess your love or wait for the them to confess their love : I want my partner to confess his feeling. I’m afraid to be too embarrassed if I got rejected. (TN: Statement lost in translation. Her real sentences doesn’t mention any gender at all and gender neutral. It could be either male or female)
Body parts you most proud of : Lip, mouth, smile
Things you obsessed with lately : Not really a “thing”, but Takahashi Minami! She is so cool!
Her most proud home-cook : Nasi Goreng, Cheese Omelette, Mie Goreng à la Sendy
Your dream wedding dress : Red wedding dress


Honing my singing talent

Up til now I’ve been able to do new things that I’ve never been able to do before,” Said Sendy full of satisfaction while reminiscing her past year experiences.

Not only singing and dancing, Sendy have learnt how to suppress her ego with JKT48 members.

The young ones for me are my sisters, the older one, my Mom. They are all my family,” said Sendy.

For me, Indonesia and Japan is really close. I want to fight as the bridge between Indonesia and Japan.

One thing that makes her really happy was when she was able to perform in Japan. Especially after a special moment when she met her idol, Takahashi Minami.

When I started my debut, I still don’t know much about JKT48 fans. But now I know that the fans are growing more and more,” She said happily.

From now on and ever, I will always welcomed all fans with my beautiful voice, I will always finds a chance where I could sing and hone my talent and singing technique.







HAI Magazine 2012 Entry

Within her circle of friends, it can be said that Sendy is someone who is the best at singing. Because the time Sendy spent in the world of “vocal” had begun since she was a child. She doesn’t just sing but she also embraces the art of reading scriptures.

Yes, during SMP (approximately secondary school) I won the *[Qoriah] competition. At that time, I taught kids from primary school on ngaji.“ Sendy reminisced.

Even before joining JKT48 which is filled with pop songs, Sendy herself had already travelled from stages to stages to perform various types of songs. Including dangdut

I do not like fans that wear masks because I’m afraid of masks. When I was young, I would even run away when I see *ondel-ondel” Sendy who is a Semester 2 Student Majoring in Information System shared.

*Qoriah = a competition whereby participants read the Quran
*ngaji = the study of learning to recite the Quran
*Ondel-ondel = is a form of folk performance using a large puppets