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Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry

Even though she seems reckless, she’s not reckless at all!

Weaknesses: Moody, changes her mind easily.
Hobbies: To read comics, to travel.
Strengths: Acting ability, dancing ability, singing ability.
Favorite foods: Everything but meat and chicken’s skin.
Disliked foods: Intestines, cow-sirloin, chicken’s skin.
Favorite things to do on vacation: Sleeping.
Favorite place: Café with scenic views.
Message for yourself 10 years to come: “Reach the success!”
Most pleasing moment: Relaxing moments.
Most difficult moments as JKT48 member: It’s hard to travel freely, it’s hard to be on time at school.
Most memorable experience during JKT48’s school’s shooting: The game punishment! Our whole body was full of flour and other stuffs!
Celebrities you want to meet: Marcelo Tahitoe

My Bag

My current most favorite thing is a cologne with gum-scent. It smells sweet and good. I also bring stationery tools and my study books.

Calm, and easy going, I’m Frieska!

Practicing Everyday so She can Follow Her Sister’s Steps!

Frieska’s older sister, Melody, is also a member of JKT48. They both are known as the beautiful sisters from Bandung. Even though they’re both so close to each other, it’s not rare to see both of them engaging in an argument. At an occasion during a stay at a hotel, Melody was trying to wake Frieska up, to no success, due to Frieska’s nature of over-sleeping, this occasion made the two argue with each other. However, Frieska’s always sorry everytime she gets in an argument with her sister.

Before her debut performance in Jakarta, Frieska had a hard time memorizing the song “Two Years Later”, and she kept rehearsing the song until a day before the performance. She was really excited because she was able to sing the song perfectly during the performance.

Her charm-point is her dimple which shows as she smiles. She also seems to be the ignorant girl, but that’s not the case. Frieska secretly trains her singing and dancing ability, let’s hope one day we’ll be able to see the result of her trainings!

Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

The moment that makes you really happy while in JKT48: Out of town tour
The moment felt the hardest [to accept] while in JKT48: when one of the members graduate
Goals: Successful businesswoman
Closest member and what you do when you’re together: Kak Melody, Stella. Food hunting.
Nickname you want from boyfriend: Her nickname when she’s a child
Things you want to do with boyfriend for anniversary: Dinner in a high place with beautiful scenery
Current interesting preoccupation: [collecting] sneakers and boots
Skills you most proud of compared to the other members: My Gratitude and Thankfulness
Your dream wedding dress: Middle-Age European Dress

Proud because of being popular

I couldn’t smile in front of many people before [joining JKT48],” said Frieska who had used in doing it now.

But I still feel shy sometimes,” added this youngest daughter of three sisters. She admits that she still didn’t feel confident when performing on stage.

The most cherished things for her in this one-year is she could get closer to the other members. Frieska who is in the third year of senior high school right now feel proud because JKT48 are becoming more popular. She’s currently studying hard to be able to enter the International Relationship Major at college.

HAI Magazine 2012 Entry

Frieska, the younger sister of Melody, has the hobby of reading. Furthermore, this girl who is the youngest among the 3 siblings also loves Barcelona. Not just loving Barcelona as a football club, she even wants to visit Catalonia.

Barcelona seems like a serene city” said the girl with a calm personality.

Frieska’s personality is also being reflected in her manner. The girl who is a fan of John Lennon and Freddie Mercury leads her school life in tranquil.

I always prioritize school as I am a secondary 4 student at this moment. Moreover when I first joined JKT48, JKT48 schedule has to be adjusted with our school schedule, so that our JKT48 career does not affect our education.” Wise Frieska ended. Salute!




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