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Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry

I’m sorry if I ever made a mistake on my dance part!

Weaknesses : Doesn’t like stinky animals, except cat
Hobbies : Strolling, swimming
Skills : acting, dancing, singing
Favorite Foods : Nasi Goreng, chocolate, fried chicken
Dislike Foods : Stinky beans
Ideal type of a guy : Cute, nice, caring, have a nice sense of humor
If she is granted one wish, what is one dream that she wants to come true : Wants to go to Japan again! And also other countries.
Things she wanna do if she ever reborn as a male : To protect every girls around
Favorite subject at school : Science
The happiest moment : When being together with the JKT48 members and the fans

My Bag

Mobile phone and headset is a must since I love listening to music

I Will entertain you with a smile as sweet as honey, I’m Delima!

Loves sports and playing with her family when in vacation

Work hard when singing and dancing, she never gives up! She remembered every choreography rapidly, but sometimes do some mistakes. At the first stage in Jakarta, she should be in one line with the other members, but Pilong didn’t do it right.

I am so very embarrassed by it!“, she said about her mistake.

It’s hard to change the costume fast, but Delima could remember all the lyric, and when the unit song came, all the fans chanting her name. The show was a success!

This is really looks like a dream,” said Delima cheerfully.

I got more motivation from the fans to work even harder in the future

Delima spends her vacation with her family, she and her sister never argue! She also play table tennis with her dad. Her family loves sports. If there are any chance for a vacation again, she’s planning for a badminton match and swimming together with her family.

Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

Changes she felt after getting into JKT48: Way of singing, way of dancing, and expression richness
The happiest moment during in JKT48 : When I’m performing successfully and fan event meeting,
Thing you consider still difficult in JKT48 : Still unable to control my breath when I sing
Things you do before entering the stage : Taking photos and upload it on Twitter. Vocal-taking exercise.
The closest member and what you do when playing together : Beby, Ayana. Taking photo, making video, or shopping.
The nickname you want from your boyfriend : a nick that is not used by others, and a sweet nickname
A part of your body you are proud of : Shoulder
Current addiction : Applying make-up myself
Your dream wedding dress : Plain white wedding dress

Starting to realize her Nature as a Senior

Because I’m already a senior, I have to more develop,” said Delima whom recently realized her position as a senior.

Even though she is happy with the coming of 2nd generation, she also thinks her position as a senior. The development that she felt is her appearance on the stage since JKT48 exclusive debut, she started to think that she has to work harder. Her power of expression can be seen on two opposing type of unit songs from the powerful “Kagami no Naka Jeanne de Arc” and sexy one “Renai Kinshi Jourei”.

My stamina is increasing, but still not enough, I will work harder,” Delima shouted.

HAI Magazine 2012 Entry

Call her the dimple. Deli has an interesting experience with JKT48, which happened during their experience in Saitama Arena, Japan. She can remember that whenever JKT48 members were going to perform on stage, they had to crawl under the stage to go on their respective places.

Everyone was excited because we were performing in front of thousands of people in Japan. And we received great response from the fans, and it was the most memorable experience I ever had,” added Deli as she smiled.




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25 OCTOBER 1997  BOGOR生 
159cm, 46kg