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Official Guidebook Vol.01 2012 Entry

The Best Dancer in JKT48!

Strengths : Good at dancing, confident, hard worker
Weaknesses : An Egoist
Hobbies : Dancing, reading, loves electronics appliances
Favorite Words : “Semangat!” (Keep up the Spirit! / Ganbare!)
Ideal Type of Guy : Looking good, caring, a little bit tan, have a good sense of humor
Things she does during school break : Go to the canteen, playing pranks
Things she want to do if she ever reborn as a male : To become a Football (Soccer) Player.
Ideal place for a date : Eiffel Tower in Paris
Most memorable moments as JKT48 member : Photo-shoot session until late midnight, so tiring..
Mistake she did on a TV shooting : Dropped the microphone, but still able to grab it fast
Things she wants to do more as a JKT48 Member : To performing together with AKB48 again

My Bag

I always brought my praying equipment and some medicine for my headache, so that I could always prepared my self if I ever got a headache

Diligently studying and practicing~ I’m Beby~

The Best Moment on the First Show, where the audiences cheering for an “Encore”

My dream is to become a professional dancer

Is the background and reason why she’s regarded as the best dancer in JKT48. Beby have learned traditional dance when she was kid, she also participated in various modern dance club on her school. Since she joined JKT48, her ability is growing rapidly due the routine practice. The moment she treasured the most is the moment where she can dance. Beby said that the she could expressed herself better through dancing. Whenever she feeling down, dancing could cheer her up again.

On the first show in Jakarta, Beby was moved by the reaction and cheering by the fans. Especially when the fans were asking for an “Encore”, she felt really happy.

Beby is also a very smart girl. She finished her Junior High School in only 2 years. Beby will start with her high school this year. She really loves Math. These days, Beby rarely met her friends due to her busy schedule, so she really awaits for a free time to go on a vacation with her friends.

Official Guidebook Vol.02 2013 Entry

The changes she felt after getting into JKT48: More confident to appear in front of many people
Target which would like to be reached as a JKT48 member : World tour
Ambition as JKT48 member for now : Being the number one idol group and more recognized
The usual thing she did before going on the stage : Check up my portable mirror and sprayed some perfume.
The closest member and what are you doing when playing together : Shania. Watching video and chatting about AKB48 and SKE48.
The nickname you want from your boyfriend : Just call my name, that’s more romantic.
Thing you would like to do to celebrate you anniversary day with your boyfriend : Cooking together and have a dinner together
Talent which you are proud of compare with other members : Dancing
Stuff you bring when being on uninhabited island : Bag. With all my necessaries are in it.

Want to be better on dancing

When I knew my usual place to play and relax along with my friends starting to decrease, I just realized that I’m now well known,” Beby told her experience during the whole current year.

Introducing herself on the stage by saying “I love you” with the fans replying “Baby, baby, baby” is the moment that makes her happy. Beby is known as a “Dancing Queen” in JKT48 with her powerful dance. She admits that her dance is getting better and more confident, but now she’s targeting to improve her dance technique. With the arrival of Akicha-san and Haruka-san from AKB48, Beby sets her target to get some knowledge from AKB48.

HAI Magazine 2012 Entry

Dancing is not something new for this Bandung born girl. Before she was chosen as one of JKT48 member, she already a regular competitor in various dances competition in her hometown. And her skill in dancing is the reason why she was chosen as part of JKT48.

At first, there was someone from JKT48 management that came to my dancing studio. He asked me whether I can sing or dance, I answered I can dance. In the end, I was accepted and called to Jakarta” Recalled this Agnes Monica fan.

Beby already had a ton of experience in dancing, but as a solo-dancer. While in JKT48, with many members, practicing for unity in dancing is a must.

I’m afraid I’m doing the blocking wrong. Fortunately, I’m doing it okay right now. “Said Beby, who is the youngest child among the 6 siblings.


「最初は、隣の人にぶつかるんじゃないかと心配したわ。今は 全然大丈夫だけどね」6人兄弟の末っ子であるベビーは明かしてくれた。


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