Author: Angga

That Surreal Conversation

Four days ago, Nina Hamidah and Shania Gracia from the trainees were involved in a very surreal conversation involving language that even a general native speaker finds hard to understand. Even an A-certified Japanese-Indonesian...

JKT48 Pajama Drive Live Streaming E-Ticket

Another milestone for JKT48 for providing their fans with the capability of live streaming with the help in form of partnership with, one of Indonesia media portal. The ticketing portal itself for the...

Bye Afa

JKT48 Official have just announced Shaffa Nabila (Afa, from the trainee line up) graduation. As per official website stated: Well then, bye Afa. But at least, AFA-ID is coming to town soon. Source

Memories Will Never Fade

I still remember the first time we met at the training ground when I said “Who’s this? Japanese?” and you still don’t know how to speak Bahasa Indonesia and still relying on your English to communicate (laugh). Since you have a very long hair at that time, you always ended up with a pigtail. You still remember don’t you?