Author: Angga

A Nice Surprise for Dhike

Something came up today, something that I personally would like to call an oasis in the middle of recent waves of needless dramas: A fan who works for local TV station as one of...

An Original Song for JKT48?

It’s been a long time since we long for JKT48 original song and it’s only a few weeks after most of the local fans gave up thinking about any original song for JKT48. But...

Koisuru Fortune Cookie uh.. Dangdut Version?

Ah…the good ‘ol Koisuru Fortune Cookie. This song has been beaten up so many times and comes in way too many forms that I’m actually getting fed up just hearing the first few seconds of the intro. But who would’ve guess that the song still have few juices out of it left when it came in an unpredictable dangdut version.