Gingham Check Launching Concert Summary


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  1. anshor says:



  2. Lynne says:

    All 34 provinces? Including Papua too? :o
    Anyway, JKT48, fighting!
    Welcome to the jungle Chikarina-san! I hope she can be a good role model to K3 members. She has inspiring stories to tell, about never giving up and trying out new things :)

    I teared a little while listening to Rena’s speech. I hope you can be something big with AKB48 in Japan! Do your best! <3 We Indonesian fans will still have a place for you in our hearts.

    Even tho I haven't managed myself to get the new single, I can say they have improved. Finally JKT has a decent CD cover (and MV too, I hope.) JKT48, thank you for including Sakura no Hanabiratachi in GC! My favorite AKB song <33 Kondo Koso Ecstasy is my other favorite, even tho it is quite unexpected because it's… kinda… NSFI (not safe for Indonesians)? :-P Not safe as in theme etc, you know. But I love the song!

    So, any gossip about the next single? ((Beginner, please?))
    Oh, and, next single's senbatsu will be chosen by the management, eh?

    • Yamamoto-kun says:

      I was actually surprised with the announcement too. What I’m worrying the most is Aceh, the only province in Indonesia that implement Sharia law.

      • Lynne says:

        Right! :o
        Do they really mean ALL 34 provinces or it’s an emphasized way of saying “Indonesia (minus those provinces where it’s impossible to hold a JKT48 concert)”?
        I’ll just sit and watch.

    • wmlx says:

      I’m still amazed that they even translated “Kondokoso Ecstasy” (Kali Ini Ecstasy), althrough I note did tone down the lyrics a bit for the Indonesian version :”Dengan ciuman/ aku lepaskan / hatiku yang benar-benar telanjang” vs 接吻(くちづけ)で/ 脱がしてやる /ハートはまる裸さ

      ( 接吻(くちづけ)で/ 脱がしてやる /ハートはまる裸さ roughly translates to “With this red hot kiss/ I will undress [you]/ until there is nothing left in your heart”)

      (“Dengan ciuman/ aku lepaskan / hatiku yang benar-benar telanjang” roughly translates to “With this kiss/ I let go/ until my heart is truly bare”)

  3. wae says:

    I really really feel sad, frustated and ashamed TTATT

    not her who must said sorry like that, but we are… her fans ….. because of our little vote she failed in this year sosenkyo :(

  4. abaone94 says:

    Then the mystery of why they created such a fantastic poster for Surabaya concert is finally revealed. Let’s hope that the execution will go well, and the national tour will be a greatly successful one!

    On the other note, that team KIII challenge is very manga-ish, though I suspect that 1000 fans wouldn’t be that hard considering their own fan base is pretty strong in its own way. Still, the threat of cancellation is rough indeed. Hopefully they can pull this challenge nicely.

    Last but not least, thank you Rena for all the great memories, and welcome Chikarina!

  5. dreamer says:

    No Akicha? I understand that she must be busy with the activity in Japan and her dog clothing line, but maybe a farewell video would be sufficient dont you think? ;)

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  7. glx48 says:

    I was there!! and yeahh it’s really sad when it comes to Rena’s speech.. i was really moved when she said “this is my last time come to Jakarta as JKT48 member and next time i will come as AKB48 team B member” so sad!! and when Chikarina came up on stage i don’t recognize her until i realize “who’s the girl with the short hair?” screaming JKT part when they performed river.. and most of all salute to JOT because i didn’t see any queue line in the entrance thanks to number seating!!

  8. Donkey Pooh says:


  9. I was there. In overall the concert was very entertaining, there were many surprises and shocking announcements.
    Particularly, Utsukushii Inazuma was very “dangerous” :mrgreen: Naomi led the Undergirls into a whole new sexy level.

    For Rena: goodbye, wish u succeed in AKB48
    For Chikarina: welcome to JKT48, we hope you can shine here
    For JOT: Good job for the EPIC concert. The new projects for the girls are very challenging

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  11. Tokyo Pop says:


    To Japanese readers;
    Thank you very much for your comments. I always feel that it is difficult to translate a member’s feeling correctly. There is a tremendous possibility that there will be a misunderstanding ,and as a result,this badly damages her reputation among Japanese fans.

    But,most of Japanese JKT48 fans don’t understand Bahasa Indonesia at all. And Jakarta is so far from here. So, I will continue my maximum effort in translation for you,Japanese readers. Thank you!

  12. aldo says:

    there’s no MV for Under girls this time? :-? :?:

    • benimaru says:

      considering the coreography, costumes, and fans perverted mind (including me of course) regarding the new UG songs, it seems there will not be an UG MV this time..

  13. Tomo says:

    Did Chikano-san shout the opening call of “River”, “Jay Kay Teiiii!”? I think it is symbolic. Also I can hear something like yells from fans in Indonesia for Chikano-san. Yes, this should be a new start for her. But as “River” tells us that the life waiting for her is not easy, but if you try harder as possible as you can, “You Can Do It!”. Yeap, Chikano-san can do it! At the same time, I believe JKT48 is really a mega-tons class idol group around the world. JKT48 generated the dynamite chemical reaction which created the cute monster, its name is Haruka. Yes, I know it depends on Haruka’s very open mind. But JKT48 provided the play ground for Haruka. I hope I can see the next chemical reaction with Chikano-san. Again, “You Can Do It!” :wink:
    近野さんがリバーのオープニングコール”ジェーケーティー!”をやったのですか!何か象徴的ですね。同時にインドネシアのファンの皆さんから近野さんへの応援の様にも聞こえるんです。”リバー”の歌詞が語るように彼女の前に広がる道は簡単に通り過ぎる事なんてできないものなのでしょう。だけどがむしゃらに頑張れば、近野さん”ユーキャンドゥーイット!”。つくづく思うんですけどJKT48ってとてつもないアイドルグループなんじゃないかと。ハルカというカワイイ怪獣を生み出した”爆弾”クラスの化学反応を起こしてしまうのですから。もちろんこれには彼女のとても開放的な個性に負うところ大なのでしょうが、そうなれる場所をくれたのはJKT48なのです。さて、次の化学反応が早く見たい。近野さんと。”You Can Do It!”

    • AnakDekan says:

      yup tomo -san she did shout it and it was marvelous RIVER performance by her (i can see her 7 years experience in AKB in her smooth dance)

      and one moment that give me chills that all fans shouting her name (Chikano…Chikano…Chikano) after her last speech in Oshima Team K VTR shown in the screen

    • benimaru says:

      agree with you mr. Tomo, yesterday performance was a new beginning for Chika..

      me personally hope she will be comitted and devoted to JKT, considering she is now a senpai in her new team..

      and for fellow fans out there, please stop comparing her with Haruka.. they are 2 different people with different personality..

      let her be herself..