Rina Chikano: A Primer

Richardson Kilis

Richardson H. Kilis is a U.S.-educated Indonesianist who studies the relationship of technology and cultural exchange.

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  1. Toms says:

    after read some insulting comment from 2ch and searching about her in twitter using japanese language it make me mad that some people in japan mocking about her. We will show them that she can be big in here if she try hard and we will accept her fresh new start in here.

  2. gorgom says:

    I don’t really care about her history, let her prove herself here. Good luck Chika! :lol: :oops:

  3. Gita says:

    He? She’s being insult? It makes me curious.

    My friend asked me why everyone mocked about her. I thought “what happen? I didn’t hear anything bad about her?” . I think i knew what my friend talked about before. Maybe about those negative comment.

  4. Zf says:

    legs longer than torso. so far so good hahahha… no offense to those whose Oshi is Beby / Melody etc but for girls i personally prefer longer legs to longer torso 8)

    also i think that we should keep our support natural. a little “honeymoon period” is perhaps okay but forcing ourselves to support out of spite for comments from 2ch (of all places) will just tire us cmiiw :mrgreen:

  5. zakky26 says:

    What i heard was she was involved in a so called scandal with fellow member Sato Amina and 2 guys..maybe because of that?

  6. Yui'aa says:

    This Comment spread all over net like website, G+, Forum, Twitter… hahaha.
    I think the picture above, describe the actual situation of Chikano Rina…Huuufft…haha

    ” I’m confused, what’s going on with chikarina. her name is not mentioned until the end, whether he be forgotten, or she will graduated ”

    JKT48 fans will support her, Exactly.
    But of cource she must work very hard, must learn speak indonesian language immediately.

    You already have a example, that’s one is Nakagawa Haruka , You just need relax like Haruka and get success..Gambatte

  7. sunred says:

    such a powerful picture.
    I cannot imagine myself sitting on that chair; with all curious eyes from the others – peering, like daggers, doubtful about my next chapter in life.
    such a difficult place to be after six years; a burden -I am certain- not many can withstand.

    Rina, my earnest support for you.

  8. aldo says:

    I don’t know why Japanese fans could say such a mean things about, instead of giving cheering and support to her
    Chika herself will facing a new challenge in her life
    i’m not talking about her work
    i’m talking about entire life
    can you imagine away from home and have no clue what’s going on the other side of the world
    barely even speak the language

    she just 21 for god’s sake

    • Tokyo Pop says:

      >>I don’t know why Japanese fans could say such a mean things about, instead of giving cheering and support to her

      Such fans who spoil her name are mostly Japanese “JKT48 devotees” They think JKT48 now deserves a better status in the 48 group, they also think Japan should have sent some big-star to JKT48 this time. So they disappointed by the lack of understanding and support from Aki-p or the top management in Japan. But, that doesn’t justify such abuses to Chika or the management.

      Chika made her own decision about her future. I believe she will devote all her energy to JKT48, why not make her prove herself first?

      Give her a chance!

      • ken says:

        That was a good response by Japanese fans. Although they took their frustration to the wrong person. Poor Chikariina. I’m just hope than JPN48 could sent some more girls to JKT48. I wanted 2 girls at least but getting one is good enough for me. But to send some big-star is not an option for them considering they have to make AKB48 more appeal to public with the recent Yuko graduation announcement. By reforming the team mix with some concurrency of their rival Nogizaka46, AKB48 become more noticeable. With new powerful Team A lead by Takamina, we can conclude that they try to create a team that can be considered a “face of AKB”. Whatever reason for this Grand Reformation, JPN48 groups are still their priority and I’m sure they do this to improve 48G and the girls.

        With this new overseas transfer, now they know Chikariina. That’s a good start for her. Japanese fans must be shocked and like “Who the hell is she? and Is she AKB member?”. Most of us does not know to appreciate something until they lost it. I hope Chikariina can shine brightly at JKT48. Looking forward for her first appearance with JKT48 :-P
        p.s: love to see her BFF with Ve and Melody :wink:

      • Yui'aa says:

        I don’t think JKT48 fans hope Aki-P send Big-Star from AKB48..
        I think JKT48 fans just hope Aki-P send a well known enough member from AKB.
        But Whoever they send here is not a problem for JKT fans..
        Exacltly, JKT48 fans will support her,
        of cource she must serve JKT48 by true HARDWORK..just it

        • Tokyo Pop says:

          >>a well known enough member from AKB>>
          Yes, you are right. But,don’t you want to see like Takamina in JKT48 someday? It’s a possibility :wink:

          • Yui'aa says:

            Of course, if it be true ….hoho

            But it will only happen if:
            1. AKB48 moved to Indonesia
            2. Aki-P mistakenly sent a member (like Takamina) to JKT48…heeeee
            3. JKT48 Fans is able to bribe Aki-P at least 10 billion….Wuahahahah

      • aldo says:

        let’s just wait and see

  9. bebekkurus says:

    Well, if she want to success in Indonesia she have to learn bahasa Indonesia as fast as she could, adapt with Indonesia culture and custom, use Haruka formula like make Indonesia as her home (when she go to Japan she said she is leaving home, when she go back to Indonesia she said she is coming home, tadaima) and endorse its culture a lot. She have to fully concentrate in JKT48 like Haruka does.

    Haruka did a great job to focus in JKT48 while she was still a double position like not participate in 5th AKB sousenkyo. That decision made Indonesian fans moved and try to give everything they could back to Haruka, because she has nothing left in Japan.


      “while she was still a double position” ?, Sorry, setahuku Haruka nggak pernah Double Team, sejak hari pertama transfer ke JKT48 dia murni hanya JKT48 Team J.

      • Yui'aa says:

        His aim is chikarina must emulate Haruka done in indonesia
        Maksudnya Chikarina harus meniru usaha haruka…gitu

      • jvalz says:

        Haruka pernah double position sebagai trainee di JKT48 (lalu team J) dan team A di AKB48 walaupun periodenya singkat dari akhir 2012 sampai April 2013 kalau ga salah. Pas Akicha balik ke Jepang dan terus memanggul status double position, Haruka memutuskan untuk melepas status team A-nya di AKB48 dan jadi fulltimer di team J JKT48.

        Haruka pernah double position kayak Akicha. :D

  10. kurawa says:

    just pass by and wanna say wow…!
    english, indonesian, even arabic,

    jkt48stuff going global? how about thai? viet?
    no wonder, since the comment incident last time. expecting more diverse language then in comments section, www ..;p

    spread the words, fellas! :idea:

    for chikarina, welcome to jakarta, indonesia.
    make yourself at home, (:

  11. zakkie says:





    • Japarta says:

      Zakkieさん すばらしい応援メッセージです! 他の皆さんにも読んでいただけるよう、翻訳させてくださいませ。

      Hai, friends! Below is the trasnlation of Zakkie-san’s post.

      My thinking about Chikano’s transfer and Cigul’s withdrawal

      I think that what we call “idol” usually attracts a lot of people by her looks, songs and cuteness by her youth, and fans are addicted because they experience the ideal unusual that is apart from realities.
      However, talking about 48G, they show us their real dismissals, personnel transfers, promotions and auditions. Perhaps, in the world, there is no other idol group but 48G that showes us many tears.
      What fans see are the girls who confront realities that overlap with the society where we are. Moreover, it is nonfiction!
      Vanka and Rachel were promoted and we saw their tears, Haruka became to understand Bahasa Indonesia in the wink of an eye. If these scenes were in TV drama, it would look brassy cheapie. But a lot of real stories come into being. If you are a playwright, you maybe too shameful to write such kinds of scene.
      They show us such realities, we can’t afford not to cheer them up. We completely fall into Akimoto’s trap, don’t we?

      As above, I, a middle-aged man, who are addicted by JKT48 without knowing AKB48 considered why I cannot take my eyes off of JKT48.
      I hope Chikano-san grow up as a JKT48 member with her “Love JKT48” heart as much as Haruka’s.
      And all KKS, hang in there and think positively. Hey, JOT! Promote them immediately!

      • zakkie says:



    • Tokyo Pop says:



  12. BosokuIndo says:

    Ini baru namannya keren…xixixi bahasa indonesia atau bahasa apapun dipersilahkan masuk dan berkomentar di forum ini. jangan dibatasi hanya 2 bahasa saja. aku yakin lebih dari 2 bangsa saja yang membaca forum ini. oia kalo bisa tambah bahasa lain juga.GANBAJKT48STUFF :)

  13. jun says:

    Arab ngidol juga ?


    When I go to Saudi, I am always asked “puncak, puncak, puncak?”


  14. HERMAN says:

    Damn! Someone really translated this article into Arabic. I don’t know if idoling activities are legal in Arab. 8-O

  15. ElAboud says:

    So when this girl actually come to JKT48?

  16. Rocklian says:

    Nederlands? Ik wist niet dat er veel Nederlandse 48group fans waren een handje vol kon ik wel begrijpen. Wie zijn zij en waar leven ze?

    Dutch? I didnt know there were many Dutch 48group fans, a handfull was something i could understand.Who are and where do they live?

    • Tilly says:

      Goedemiddag, Rocklian!

      Hoe gaat het? Alles goed?

      Ik ben Indonesisch, maar ik woon in Tilburg. Ik ben master student in Universiteit van Tilburg. Ik zoek andere fans 48 groep in Holland. I am very glad you put a comment here.

      I’m sorry if my Dutch translation is far from perfect. Leuk je te ontmoeten :D

      • Rocklian says:

        I’m fine i live in brunssum, which is in the province Limburg a neighbouring province of North Brabant which tilburg lies in. and i understood most of the article.