JKT48 in Kousagi Dojo Summary


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  1. rbtakumi says:

    Thank you very much, Great work!

  2. Buddy says:

    wow mother (Akicha) and daughter (Nabilah) shopping together. btw could someone please transalate what akicha say in “amesuta”. :?:

    here is the link :arrow:
    PART 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHzYX_J3fHY
    PART 2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tINjqeA000
    PART 3 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDjmuqgXRfw

    it’s like indonesia wise words “tidak kenal maka tidak cinta” it mean if you don’t know that person then you won’t love that person. so let’s spread akicha virus (information about akicha) all over the world. start from indonesia. 8)

  3. mitto says:

    I am glad they visited my hometown “Yokohama”. I was impressed with the scene where Kinal and Nabilah, looked shyly, each appeared in a cute dress from the fitting room. Anyway, they both looked very good in these dresses!!

  4. Buddy says:

    wow mother (Akicha) and daughter (Nabilah) shopping together. btw could someone please transalate what akicha say in “amesuta”

  5. benimaru says:

    didn’t know JKT captain could be soo cuuuute with that dress 8-O 8-O :oops: :oops: 8)

    they keep surrounded by fans, so is that means Haruka and Aki actually pretty popular there?

    8000yen to eat boiled food?? borobudur hotel? pacific palace restaurant?

    • Buddy says:

      Aki Takajo is very famous in japan. :mrgreen: Akicha is the fastest kenkyuusei that get promoted (71 days) Azuma Rion break her record on April 13th, 2013 (18 days). last year election is shocking result for everyone including other member. no one predict Akicha rank will drop so low. :cry: that’s why many Akicha fans afraid her position will drop again in senbatsu sousenkyo if she go to JKT48. but in the end they support Akicha decision to become JKT48 member. Akicha really have a good fans in japan you can see some Akicha fans come to indonesia from japan just to support her at theater or hand shake event. akicha is polite and also very professional person. it’s not her fault if she spent little time in JKT48 activity. it’s our goverment fault for not approve her working visa (i don’t know why Haruka don’t have this kind of problem) and maybe her agency fault too for making her busy with activity outside JKT48 activity that make her have to skip many bahasa Indonesia lesson so it’s hard for her to communicate with Indonesia fans. sadly many Indonesia fans didn’t understand this situation. :cry: she already sacrifices many things by become JKT48 member like lose many job in Japan that will make people forget her. i hope Indonesia fans can support Akicha. At least respect her as part of JKT48 member and for her contribution to making JKT48 name more famous in Japan. :evil:

      • Shiba-sama says:

        “it’s our goverment fault for not approve her working visa (i don’t know why Haruka don’t have this kind of problem)”

        You got it wrong.

        • Buddy says:

          Akicha still don’t have work visa in Indonesia .. she use her holiday/vacation visa so if the time finish she had to return to Japan or go to Singapore for a while until her get another holiday/vacation visa quota and go back to indonesia. please explain to me why I’m wrong shiba sama san :?:

          • Zen says:

            …what shiba-sama mean if Akicha only got vacation/holyday visa, she will never allowed to performed on theater or appeared on Indonesia TV Show …this condition already happened on Sae ‘n Mariyannu in SNH48 …

          • Buddy says:

            actually akicha not appear much on Indonesia TV Show compare to haruka, she even never take part in JKT48 OFC event. don’t you think one of the reason is because her visa problem. nowadays many people use study visa or other visa just to work in foreign country. then why haruka and akicha not deported from indonesia. many foreign people may think it strange but that is one of many uniqueness in indonesia country, :roll: even corruption prisoner in jail can go to bali to watch tennis tournament then go back to again to jail. 8-O welcome to indonesia unique country with so much mystery. just forget about politic and let’s just enjoy the entertainment. :mrgreen:

      • PN03 says:

        she sacrifices many things in purpose to achieve bigger thing, its her risk. fan will support only based from what they know. so its normal thing

  6. Dimas says:

    heyy i want to see the place too, but so many cencors in this clip.. what happened? :(

    • Buddy says:

      there is nothing wrong bro, they just want to censor people around Akicha and haruka. maybe that their television policy. :mrgreen:

    • RedRanger48 says:

      From what I know, Japanese views face as one of someone’s privacy. There’ are some cases out there when someone face appear in Japanese TV without permission and if that someone actually don’t like to appear, they may sue the TV station. So rather than going through some legal stuffs like permit or else, might as well blur everything out.

      But maybe I was wrong, I hope fellow Japanese here might help me out to explain this?

  7. Emmie says:

    Please,,,, why I can’t watch the video,,, it’s say private video,,, help me~~