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Rena and Her Decision

This is actually Rena’s Google+ Post just a few hours ago. It summarized very well how she felt after the Gingham Check concert where she performed the last time as a JKT48 member. What’s...

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What’s in Their Mind After AKB Sousenkyo.

Last weekend, Jun 7th, I was in Ajinomoto stadium watching AKB Sousenkyo event, waiting for the announcement of the vote counts final results. All of my Oshi-mems already graduated (from AKB48), it was my first time to join the event as one of JKT48 fans.

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Memories Will Never Fade

I still remember the first time we met at the training ground when I said “Who’s this? Japanese?” and you still don’t know how to speak Bahasa Indonesia and still relying on your English to communicate (laugh). Since you have a very long hair at that time, you always ended up with a pigtail. You still remember don’t you?