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VIVA JKT48 Trailer

Today, VIVA JKT48 director, Awi Suryadi, tweeted the trailer for his up and coming movie, VIVA JKT48. The trailer itself doesn’t have any English translation; so without further ado, the English subtitle for the...

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Some Announcement

Time for some announcement for JKT48Stuff in general. Please do pardon if we rarely update with JKT48 news/translation or theater report nowadays due to things such as daily life and jobs. We will try...

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Jadilah Nekad 4 : One Step Ahead

On May 18th, JK48 will held a HandShake event “Flying Get” with the concept of joining handshake and culture expo, we can expect various events in the venue. The venue itself is the same as last time: Balai Kartini, Jakarta.