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Noella Sisterina Graduation Announcement

Today, February 27, 2015. JKT48 Officials announced in their website that Noella Sisterina is graduated from JKT48 effectively today. 本日2015年2月27日、JKT48オフィシャルがそのウェッブサイトでノエラ・システリナが今日付けでJKT48を卒業したことを発表しました。 As written in their official website: 公式ウェッブサイトに書かれている内容: Well, I’m actually already prepared myself for...

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March Birthday Girls

Birthday galore! 12 members are celebrating their birthdays next month, with 2 double birthdays on 18 March (Beby x Chika) and also on 24 March (Melody x Manda). It’s going to be a busy,...

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Who is Melody Nurramdhani Laksani?

For most people who are brand new to the world of JKT48, there’s at least one member they will know, and that member is Melody. She’s currently the Captain of the entire group, and was appointed this position in 2013 during JKT48’s 2nd Anniversary Live Concert.