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Bye Afa

JKT48 Official have just announced Shaffa Nabila (Afa, from the trainee line up) graduation. As per official website stated: Well then, bye Afa. But at least, AFA-ID is coming to town soon. Source

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JKT48, More Than Meets The Eye

I can’t and won’t blame some people to not, at least, imagine a large group of pre-pubescent kids brandishing a plethora of colorful lightsticks while screaming their hearts out for some unintelligible Japanese mantras when they…

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Jadilah Nekad 4 – Flying Get HS: Japarta’s Report

On May 18th, JKT48’s Flying Get HS event was held in Jakarta. While I was translating and editing our reports of it, on May 25th there was an incident that we felt great indignation in Iwate-pref, Japan. Then, we decided to postpone publishing this article with praying for the recovery of injured 2 members and a staff.