JKT48 x Discovery Channel Japan!

Tokyo Pop

Translation requires more creativity than people realize. Ganbarimasu! 東京在住の日本人JKT48ファンです。私の拙い英語→日本語の翻訳が、少しでも皆さんのJKT情報収集の役に立てば嬉しいです。

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  1. Gita says:

    Really? whaa, i can’t wait! I think i need to wait for the video later. Didn’t get the channel here :”)

  2. yhyksk says:

    yeah..can’t wait.

  3. PN03 says:

    Discovery but for Japan Region only, too bad only got NHK here :(

  4. Hiro says:

    I introduced this article on FB for Indonesian friends.
    Thanks !

  5. Hiro says:


  6. JKT48 from Jakarta to the world!!