JKT48 Geulis Bandung Concert Review

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Part 1 – The Poor Performance of the Event Organizer

Saturday, November 3rd, I was attending the JKT48 concert in Sabuga, Bandung. Aptly named “JKT48 Geulis” (Beautiful in Sundanese). I’ve bought some tickets a few days before via Insbreak’s website, the Event Organizer that held the show, so that on that very Saturday, all that I have to do is just to take my tickets in the available lockets in Sabuga. I came with two of my friends that doesn’t get their tickets yet and planning to buy it on the spot.

Around 1 PM, I arrived at Sabuga and went directly to the locket. It was separated into several parts, for those who have bought the ticket via the website and for those who bought it via a fanbase. Unfortunately, they didn’t announce it beforehand resulting in many people queuing in the wrong lane, including a middle aged man who complained that he went to the wrong lane, got rejected and have to queue again in a different lane due to no sign whatsoever.

After we got our tickets, we left Sabuga for a snack and back at around 5 PM since the information we got, the concert gate will be opened in 6 PM. And you know what? Chaos ensues..

They only opened two small gate…scratch that, two small DOOR which can only fit a person. This results in a mini stampede near the gate.

In the middle of the chaos, suddenly the organizer announced that the left door is for Tribune class while on the right is for Festival class and VIP. And you can guess what happened next. Hundreds of people suddenly have to change their lane. Everyone is pushing everybody else.

A torture in the middle of a chaos indeed, we can only pray that there will be no stampede incident that can took lives. The organizer can say what they want, but they have no system prepared beforehand for the queue. A basic but a fatal flaw. Whoever responsible for that system must have had their birth certificate as an apology from a local rundown condom factory.

In the concert area, I found that my seat number is already occupied by somebody else who got the same exact ticket with my seat number. What shocking is, I’m not the only one experiencing this, with around 25 other fans, we search for the organizers to ask for their responsibility for the double printed seat number.

We met one of the organizers who confused why did this thing happened. After waiting for a couple of minutes, they found out that this was their mistake and miscommunication between the Insbreak website and the fanbase who sold the ticket. We asked for a solution to this matter since it was already 7 PM, just a few minutes before the concert start.

The organizer we met earlier is actually an outsource employee, who himself complained that he can’t get any of the Insbreak employees on the phone. Well, one of them, a woman, did came to us but she did nothing at all. Not a single solution at all.

The only solution we got from them : “Find a chair, grab it, and take it to your designated class”

For real? We, as a costumer, will have to find our own empty chair, find an empty spot on our designated class, and took our chair there? They won’t even lift a finger on that task, and told us to do it ourselves! Where’s the logic in that? Very truly unprofessional. They just stick their fingers just like that to our faces.

The ticket was far more expensive compared to the Tennis Indoor concert which gave me some hope that perhaps the concert will have a much better organizing. What we get actually from Insbreak? Crap.

Insbreak Rating as the Event Organizer: A pile of crap out of ten mighty smelly poo.


Part 2 – The Concert

7 past 40, Melody as the Kageana.

Surprise, surprise, unlike other concert or their theater, they start the concert with Unit Song!

Melody, Rica and Diasta is so cute in Tenshi no Shippo. Melody once said that in this concert, this is the “Oldies Unit” since it was filled by those older that 21.

Second song is Tsundere with Cindy G, Nabilah, and Sendy. They really enjoyed the song since this is their regular unit song in Renai Kinshi Jourei.

Gomen ne Summer next with 7 members formation: Beby, Melody, Frieska, Kinal, Diasta, Ghaida, and Dhike. A very great performance by them. This is a special formation since all the members came from Bandung. Beby jokingly tweeted that it was a special performance from BDG (Bandung) 48.

Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara, was the song where all the members appeared for this concert. All 16 was team J! Perhaps this is due to their anniversary.

MC 1.

Since they were performing in Bandung, they did their Jikou using Sundanese. The theme is reminiscing the Gen 1 audition. They mainly told the stories about how they tried so hard to remember Heavy Rotation choreography with their room mate. Beby told us that her room mate at that time was Ayana.

Cindy G told a story about those who have the same name as her and failed the audition. Sendy told us a story about some of those with an S on their first name on the final audition: Sendy, Stella, Sonia, Shania, Sonya, passed the audition which makes them very happy.

Kagami no Naka no Jean Da Arc: Kinal, Ghaida, Dhike, Delima, Beby. Well, suffice to say, Kinal is the soul of this song. As a general, she lead her troops to perform very powerful yet, elegant.

Temodemo no Namida : Frieska and Veranda. Simply captiVEting, ’nuff said.

Heart Gata Virus : Haruka, Ayana, Shania. Ayana entered the stage nearly stumbled. Aaaand she also dropped the tambourine :lol: . This unit song is another surprise for me since Shania never performed it before. She also did her monologue in Sundanese.

Aitakatta and Ponytail to Chouchou. They performed it very well. Unfortunately, the sound system was just as bad as a fart. The sound level was just..ouch.

MC 2.

A chain word game with Cindy, Diasta, Dhike, Beby, and Shania played. Dhike lost the game and had to dance to a tune sang by Shania.

After the game, the topic changed into: If you will start a new 48-related franchise in Bandung, what do you want to create? one notable answer is from Haruka:

FAT48 – All the members must fat, eat plenty, no walking allowed, and ride a car everyday to stay fat. But have to be pretty and can dance, just like her.

Ooge Diamond, Baby Baby Baby, Futari Nori no Jitensha, and Boku no Sakura after that. Before they start singing Boku no Sakura, they told us that this will be the last song.

First Rabbit

After that the announcement for the 3rd Generation audition

And the show still continues with Koisuru Fortune Cookies. Haruka asked the fans to stand up and dance together to the tune.

Before Heavy Rotation, Melody and Nabilah told us about this historical song from them. It all started with Heavy Rotation. The insult they got as the “Brawl Club” – due to their members’ head counts-, the “I want You, I need You” lyric that being laughed at, until now, where they get a sizable fans. It was all started with one, Heavy Rotation.

At the photo session, Melody asked the fans to yell “JKT48 Geulis.”

The concert was done, a very great concert due to the almost perfect performance from Team J.

The girls performance rating : 9.5 Beby out of 10 Beby!Beby!Beby!

The only problem is the Event Organizer. The ticketing system, the queue, and the sound system. Perhaps this is something that the officials should pay attention to when accepting a proposal from an Event Organizer for a concert.

After all, We don’t want any dead stampede victim in a JKT48 concert, wouldn’t we?

第一部 イベント会社のくそったれな運営

11月3日の土曜日、僕はバンドンのサブガ競技場で行われたJKT48のコンサートに行ってきた。コンサートの名前は“JKT48 Geulis” (スンダ語でビューティフル=最高)である。チケットは数日前に、この公演の主催者であるInsbreak(広告代理店)のウエブサイトを通じて入手したので、当日はそのチケットを持ってサブガに行けば万事OKのはずだった。一緒にいった友人二人は当日券を買うことにしていた。












第二部 – コンサート






MC 1.






MC 2.

FAT48 – メンバーは毎日たらふく食べて、歩くのはダメで車移動だけ、どんどん太らなくちゃならない。でも、可愛くでダンスも上手じゃないとダメ、自分みたいに。

そして「大声ダイヤモンド」「Baby! Baby! Baby!」「二人乗りの自転車」そして「僕の桜」へ。「僕の桜」を歌う前にこれがラストソングだというコメント。



 – すべてはここから始まった。最初はメンバー数の多さに「レディース」と罵られたり、“I want You, I need You”の歌詞を小馬鹿にされたりしたけれど、今ではすごい数のファンがいてくれる。この「ヘビーローテーション」こそが私たちのすべての始まり –

フォトセッションでは、メロディが、“JKT48 Geulis.”とスンダ語で叫ぶようにファンに頼んだ。




Japanese Translation by Tokyo Pop

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  1. NSANDERS, Reply

    okay, so basically great performances with crappy event organizer

  2. PN03, Reply

    Eh seriously, fanbase oficially sold the ticket?
    I am sorry but somehow i feel i would laugh although it’s not supposed to be funny at all

  3. Tokyo Pop, Reply

    第一部のタイトルの訳「くそったれな運営」はちょっと筆がすべりましたね :wink:


  4. abaone94, Reply

    Leaving the ticket sales to an artist fanbase is just too… ^^;

    I don’t know why they didn’t do the selling themselves. Were they afraid that the tickets didn’t sell well, or they’re really out of manpower to handle the concert?

    Either way, I guess JOT should have a say here. Relying too much on EO’s are not good sometimes; the artist management should also assist in taking care of things on the field.

    Now I wonder… did any JOT guys were there to help?

  5. Annie Tjia, Reply

    A week before the concert was held, I got tweet from a fanbase that informed about ticket selling, so I kinda had imagined what happened in concert regarding to this event. Though, the EO really miscalculated all systems and made a lot of mistakes during the concert. I could see how annoyed and dissapointed the fans were to face something like that.

    Aside of that, I think the responses from fans about this concert were positive. They reviewed it with good words, like “it’s a blast”, “cool”, “exciting”. Maybe those were to cover all negative things happened during the concert?

  6. sacfificar, Reply

    There’s a mistake in final song. Before we got a photo session, the girls performing Oogoe Diamond. And when photo session held, there’s a chaos. Cause so many fans has a bad behavior. They leave their chair and go to the front and some of them was stand in a chair near them. :(

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