Mai’s Report – BnT Show: Nadila’s Birthday


Just another lazy author for JKT48Stuff whom mainly working with translations and sometimes writing articles about JKT48 with an obvious grammar problem. Was living his life as a JKT48 DD until...

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  1. Annie Tjia says:

    For me, Team KIII hold cuter image while Team J is prominent with energetic and ‘tough’ image. Maybe because Team K members are actually indeed cuter than Team J’s, even now I a bit noticed that Cigul looks more matured than her usual lolita-self. When I watched this team Baby3 and KFC versions, they reeaaally gave whole different aura and it got me thinking that they need a lot more promotion. Watching your report is making me feel envy!! I want to wacth all girls’ performances on Theater. ><

  2. sanusi says:

    Thank you Mai san. your reports had been my favorite so far. And since i also a fan of BnT setlist, i really understand what you write upthere. *highfive Especially in every Yona’s part :oops: :oops: She’s my fav member in KIII anyway. I don’t know about you guys, but for me BnT’s songs are more enjoyable, we can sing it all along with member, even itoshisa no defense has great tunes, good beats and best performer? :mrgreen: I’m really looking forward to your another reports… so it means another trip to jakarta then? Maybe we can enjoy the show together? *cheers

    And thank you angga for uploading.. aaarggh you guys are the best

    • mm says:

      Would love to watch them again! Maybe my next trip is early next year. Waiting for some promo price for the airlines. :p

  3. Thanks for the report Mai-san..
    Glad to know that you really enjoy the BnT show..
    Looking forward for your next visit to Jakarta :wink:

  4. Kurisu says:

    Awesome report! Read it this morning but couldn’t reply then.
    Informative, funny and best of all… instantly recharged my interest in JKT; I want to know more about the members and rewatch stages, relisten to songs… read through lyrics translations, comb through older articles, etc.
    Thanks for the excellent report, I’m glad you had such a good time and thanks for sharing it w/ us :)

    • mm says:

      Thanks for reading! I had two goals for this trip, watch a jkt show and submit a report for stuff. XD
      It’s nice that I could give something back for a site that helps me out a lot. ^^

  5. ariframas says:

    If other members are guys, who do you want as your boyfriend?
    Saktia: Vanka, because she follows everything I say. If I say “I want that” or “I want this” she would just say “Yeah, sure”. Right, Vanka?
    Vanka: Yeah, sure.

    How to make a guy stop chasing and lose interest in you.
    Hanna: Walk in front of him and let him smell your armpit

    Noella: What leaves can sing rock songs? Lay Daun. (Daun is leaves and it’s a pun for Lay Down.)
    Yona: What kind of mummy are thirsty?
    Fans: Muminum! (Wanna drink!)
    Yona: Nope.
    Viny: Mumicucu! (Mummy, I want milk!)
    Yona: Correct!

    This part of mc really cracked me up XD
    Now i really want them to have some kind of variety show like AKBingo, they’re so funny!

  6. yamidans says:

    This make me want to watch BnT more and more XD
    Thanks for the report Mai-san :-o

  7. Wotaliano says:

    Thank you very much for this report too Mai-san!

    You gave me too lots of interest towards KIII, I barely knew them too but I really want to see Boku no Taiyo now..

    And those MCs! Team J was funny too but these girls are off the hook! If they are really always like this,
    not having a variety show really hurts…

    Thank you very much again, it’s going be lots of fun translating it :)

    • mm says:

      Thanks for translating it, wotaliano-san! Even though I went there and watched BnT with little knowledge about the 2nd gens, the girls did a brilliant job in reeling me in to make me know about them more!

  8. AnakDekan says:

    glad you enjoying you JKT experiences Mai, maybe someday you should attend the handshake event too to complete your JKT experiences,looking forward to your next visit to Jakarta

    • mm says:

      Thanks anakdekan! Would love to join a hs session in the future. I still have this national handshake ticket lying around somewhere… :p

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