Pajama Drive Revival Show Final Result


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  1. IndoPr0 says:

    About Haruka’s epic amount of SMS : INTERVENSI JEPANG!!!!

    About the downfall of Nabilah – Melody – Achan coalition on Tenshi no Shippo : Wow, sms looks like a little bit uncoordinated, especially that HUGE GAP between melody’s votes and achan’s.

    About Hanna topping the Pajama Drive unit vote : I think @adityoanugrah stole some of Gerindra’s money to vote for her :)))))))

    About kak Diasta losing with the GAP UNDER ONE HUNDRED SMS : OH NOOOOO WHYYYYYY GAP IS SO SMALLLLLLLL WHYYYYYYYY but she’s happy nonetheless ^^

    • aldo says:

      about the Haruka thing
      it’s not Japanese intervention
      i don’t really surprise with tons of vote that she got
      she already catch the heart of Indonesian, well at least the heart some of JKT48 fans, don’t you think?
      what will it be when Ghaid fill the slot in Tenshin no shipo. Can’t wait any longer to watch the show (>_<)

    • benimaru says:

      aah.. dude..

      don’t know if you’re intentionally being sarcastic, but the word intervensi with a Caps lock seems preety offensive.. :-?

      kindly be noted that our japanese brothers and sisters are also visiting this site :wink:

      besides, like the other dude said, Haruka already won many indonesian heart..

      in fact, she seems to be one of us indonesian(she even already have a family here remember :) )..

  2. Annie Tjia says:

    As expected from Kinal, she’s born for Kagami No Naka No Joan of Arc. Suki-suki-Kinaaaa!!!! (><)9

    But I thought Ghai was only joking when she asked to be voted for Tenshi no Shippo. Whyyy Ghai?!?! *throwing tantrum* She's extremely cool in her Kagami seifuku!! Argghh!! Well, if it's her choice then I guess I should appreciate my oshi. (–)

    I think it's kinda good if Melo isn't in central place. We can see other potencial central that will be seen in members who're never been chosen as the center. Nonetheless, good luck for the revival show guys! :)

    • JK21 says:

      no Ghai it’s not Joke, she was challenged by their fans in GFC… and all GFC want to Ghaida performing a something new that 180′ with her image… :-D

      • Annie Tjia says:

        Ookaayy now that’s just interesting. Buttt I still can’t accept it. Hikss.. (T_T)

        I hope it’ll be in DVD or aired in TV. I extremely hope for both!!!!!!

        • Pitra says:

          A rumor said that there’s a plan to release the PD Revival on DVD. Previously there’s also a plan to do a live stream show, but the cost probably was a bit expensive. So let’s just wait. :)

          • Annie Tjia says:

            I’m not sure if it’s just me or something, but I once had read a tweet from Trans|7 to a fan saying that they’re trying to get permission to record Revival show. Hmm.. If they really do it, I hope they got the acceptance.

  3. SegantengGhaida says:

    I think, Ghaida not hansome (ganteng) anymore,,,, hahahaha :mrgreen: yey Kamen Ghaida!!!

  4. renato says:

    wow…the vote reached almost 15 thousand loyal jkt48 fans (“hanya”). for me, jkt48 concept is good

    concept. i hope, they shall sing “secara langsung” for member’s entertainment career in the future. if

    the management and jkt48 fans let them do that in tv national program then they didn’t really care about

    jkt48 member future. untuk sekarang konsep jkt48 hanya sebatas menguntungkan tujuan sebenarnya dari

    perusahaan sedangkan untuk member belum. maka tidak salah jika gw beranggapan bahwa mereka boneka majemen

    dimana seperti penggemarnya yang dibuat delusi.

  5. kopi says:

    ohh there is the result!

    –combination vote system makes votes distribution a bit unique

    –and seems fans want to see something new :-D

    –ugh diasta so close…

  6. Pitra says:

    I was in the theater during the announcement. Few noticable acts after the announcement:
    – Ayana cried all the time and was comforted then by Shania.
    – Few trainee members (who was backdancers in RKJ), congratulate and hug (only) Sendy.
    – I saw Rachel, Via, Vanka (member trainees) looks happy with the result. Even though they coudn’t perform in PD Revival, they could make it to Top 10.
    – Stella suddenly hugged Sendy, because both of them were in Temodemo. Even though Stella looks disappointed because she can’t be partnered with Wawa.
    – Then Wawa, Stella, and Jeje disappeared from the stage, and didn’t participate on high touch. Few hours later, Stella said on her tweet that she was actually sicked and couldn’t participate on any MC or HT.
    – Before saying goodbye, each top voter on each sub unit, said a bit of speech. Rica (the 2nd rank of Tenshi), Beby (the 2nd rank of Pajama), Haruka (the 1st rank of Junjou), Sendy (the 1st rank of Temo demo), and Kinal (the 1st rank of Kagami) thanks all the fans who voted for them and hope they can do their best on the performance.

    My own opinion after seeing the result:
    – It’s great to see that many non senbatsu singles can perform in PD Revival. It can help their moods and motivations that they still have their chances to be a successful member in JKT48.
    – Checking the Twitter conversation, I saw that Rachel and Via (they both are trainee members, even though I think that they deserved better), looks happy seeing Sendy and Rica’s result. I think both Sendy and Rica has become their motivation for staying in JKT48. I believe, they saw that if Sendy and Rica could actually make it, then Rachel and Via could also make it in the future.
    – Don’t forget that aside of SMS, there are manual votes when you bought a theater ticket. These numbers are significant to change the rank of members.
    – Melody as a backdancer? Hihihi, that’s really nice :)
    – Hanna, unexpectedly, is 1st rank in Pajama. This really would enlightened Gen 2’s moods, that a Team KIII member could compete with other Team J’s members.
    – I wish I could just knew how many unique numbers send the SMS, since this popularity contest is determined by the vast of money a fan of member has, not by the quantity of fan numbers.

  7. 30oshi says:

    One thing that surprised me is about trainee, they gained far more than you can expected. Via just need less then 300 hunderd vote to kick Yupi of the third place in unit Pajadora, Sisil made her name recorded twice as big 10 (in Pajadora and Jonjou), then Rachel and Dena also made their name on the top 10. They already proof theirselves, arent they? :wink:

  8. abaone94 says:

    Surprisingly enough, Melody’s total votes are still 2nd in terms of the final accumulation points. It appears there were a slight jumbled coordination on where to put her, resulted in her results being spread on almost two unit songs.

    Jeje was unexpectedly low. It appears that it’s because she wasn’t in any coalition to begin with, but I never really expected this since she is a prominent team J member. This contrasted with her close friend Sonya who got a considerable power-vote.

    Harugon received the highest result, as well as the highest power vote. Her result in preliminary was low, but her fans were able to significantly turn the table.

    Ghaida and Diasta also got a considerable power vote, since their fan bases are well-coordinated. Too bad that the coalition of Rica-Ghaida-Diasta failed to defeat Nabilah’s vote.

    Hanna’s change in her number of votes are also significant, being able to top Pajama Drive beating the previous big three on this unit song. It is also astonishing that she is the only 2nd gen member who were able to top off a unit song.

    Congratulations to all members who are able to take part in this revival!

  9. The final results of the vote are quite surprising, my personal opinion as follow:
    – Regular center from team J & KIII, which are Melody and Rona, didn’t make it to any unit song. Melody still became backdancer though

    – Haruka once again has showed that she did a great job in winning our heart, resulting the highest overall votes among all members. She could inspired other “not so popular” AKB members to be kaigai member like her.

    – Sendy & Stella are chosen for Temodemo, it will be very interesting to watch because they are known as the best singers in team J.

    – Only 4 members of 2nd gen are chosen. In terms of populariy they still far behind team J.

    – I hope that the show will be aired in national TV show or at least recorded as DVD, so that non-Jakarta fans could watch the show as well.

    – JOT should take into consideration the results of this vote, because it represents what fans really wants. I think the top rank of each unit song deserved to be chosen as senbatsu for JKT48 next single.

    IMHO :wink:

  10. FairFans says:

    I like the Tenshippo unit song.
    (Melody-Nabilah-Ayana) vs (Ghaida-Rica-Diasta)
    Look like Barcelona vs Genoa
    but, surprisingly Genoa has won the match! :mrgreen:

  11. Johny says:

    Feel bad for ayana though, and It looks like Stella isn’t really happy about the vote results (isn’t it? or is it just my imagination?)
    I really wanted to come to the revival show, but the event’s date clashed with AFAID13..and not to mention how hard to get a verification email for non-OFC member

    • benimaru says:

      Stella should feel unhappy, considering she expecting to duet with her lil sister..

      Even Sendy knows this..

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