New Series JKT48 Story to Air on RCTI

JKT48 Story

Richardson Kilis

Richardson H. Kilis is a U.S.-educated Indonesianist who studies the relationship of technology and cultural exchange.

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  1. benimaru says:


    another JKT own show.. so each TV station compete to have a JKT show (considering those girls are a guarantee to get a high rating :mrgreen: )

    assume this is going to be a documentary type of show?

  2. rezandi_ says:

    September 2012? whut? It’s almost a year ago… Sort of documentary then..

  3. Tomo says:

    Intresting :-D . By the way, how about Radio show by JKT48? Truely I like AKB48’s ANN (All Night Nippon), Friday night. Because I can enjoy their private girls talk :-? . I think this kind of show is another type of the teality show :) . And sometimes Yasusu (Aki-p) joins the show suddenly :wink: . But I don’t have any knowldge about your radion station netwaork in Idonesia. Does MNC also have a national radio network? But when will JKT48 dominate whole media and conetnts also? The theater and tours(live performance), TV shows, mega concert, CD, DVD and CMs etc.). It promises me the glorious future. But at the same time, sometimes I become a person who feels lonesome easily. Because JKT48 grows famous and famous rapidly. So it seems that JKT48 will depart from me so far away. Overdone? :(

    • Tomo says:

      I have the addition. ANN (All Night Nippon) is the “live” radio show. So happenings are happened everywgere. i.e. the memebrs in the studio communicate with the members outside using Google+. “Why don’t you come to the studio?”. Then sone one will join. Such kind I think this live groove gives me “reality”.

    • HERMAN says:

      “But when will JKT48 dominate whole media and contents also?” Tomo san, I’m afraid that isn’t gonna happen in near future. Indonesian music market is always dominated by great local musician. (Exception for “Isabella”, that strongly hit in early 90’s.) Unlike AKB48 in Japan, JKT48 is popular, but not that popular. They ‘re only famous in Japanese Culture society, whose number is limited, but their loyalty is incredible. JKT48’re even hardly covered by local infotainment. (Althought, I’dont know whether it’s good or not). Lemme’ explain: If you walked around street and asked random guy: “Do you know JKT48?”, then you most likely will be answered with :”JKT who?”. Different thing if you asked about local musician, such as: Noah or Dewa(God).
      People still don’t take JKT48 as “Indonesian enough” group to be accepted as local musician. (That’s why they failed in AMI Award, I think.) People’d say: They got seifuku (See? ordinary people’ll ask: What the hell is seifuku?”), they got Japanese song title, they got their real name converted to be more Japan-ish, they got Japanese chant. Nothing left for Indonesian taste. Yes, Cherrybelle as JKT48’s main competitor isn’t original too. But they still were approved as local product because they have no official connection with South Korea. Or we could say they’re originally formed by Indonesian and at least: have their own song. So that’s what is missing from JKT48. Nationality and Identity. Task for JOT: Give them some original songs (ask to Akip, say it’s a must), local seifuku, and perhaps local chants. And the girls ‘ll be unstoppable and victorious. May be we got tired with our corrupted government, but most of us still got strong nationality. (We even paid for watching our “always screwed”-Football National Team). That’s what I call potential opportunity to spread JKT48’s influences beyond ages and out of Japanese community. JKT48’s Independence Day ceremony on 17/8 was a good example to be sustained. (Yes i know there are several overseas musician, that have significant amount of fans in Indonesia and no one questioned their fans nationality. But those musician are the best on this planet. Ex: Beatles, Metallica, Rolling Stones, MJ, etc.)
      And about the radio shows, JKT48 had done it several times. Especially when promoting their new album. But,still, there’s no “JKT48 only” radio show, though.

      • Tomo says:

        Thank you, HERMAN san. So, the key is the “original song”. Now the lyrics of the songs of JKT48 are the “directly” translated from the Japanese lirycs written by Akimoto san. And probably translated by a local Indonesian pro..If should the all 48 songs be written by Aki-p, how can they create an or some Indonesian original JKT48 songs? Is it enough, melody and arrangemnt are written by Indonesian pro.? I’m in maze :-|

        • Tomo says:

          My usual question. What do the “original Indonesian” songs for JKT48 mean concretely?

          • HERMAN says:

            Simple, a song that’s only sung by JKT48. If Aki p can’t, he may have someone who can to help him. (I’m sick of those who always said that JKT48 is musician without songs, an artist without a masterpiece, a writer without a writing, and so, and so…).

      • tomomo says:

        Cooling down, dude……
        Be patient…… well you’re right. Maybe JKT48 is not very famous for common people but some song of JKT48 became familiar on Indonesia.
        Time will show us, is JKT48 can keep their popularity in the future:)
        In my opinion, JKT48 slowly but surely grap their popularity and keep it constantly
        About original song, Aki-P surely has great idea for JKT48 but we as fans, don’t know what is his plan……..

        • Annie Tjia says:

          Somehow I got the impression that Aki-P is kinda waiting JKT48, like “I want you do more than this. Show me.” I don’t know though, I just do. Aki-P is a bit mysterious about what he’s going to do. :/

  4. Annie Tjia says:

    Sunday we have BSG dan JKT48 Missions, and now this! I’m sure JKT48 will be all over Indonesia regularly. I’m sooo happy for them, especially if the program stays long and not just for limited time based on signed contract. JKT48 Ganbatte kudasai! <3<3

  5. tomomo says:

    That’s called the power of idols, no Indonesia TV station can’t resist JKT48’s charming………….(I hope TVRI cans make JKT48 show, too :lol: , JKT48 is not only become the presentation of Japan culture but also the agent of Indonesia culture)
    I expect the quality of this JKT48 TV show increased (i mean better than the past one)…………..

    • Annie Tjia says:

      TVRI? I’m not sure, this channel is conservative and usually rare to make a TV show like this. But why not, actually it’ll be a big surprise if one day JKT48 has show on this channel, maybe like promoting Indonesia culture in Japan kind of thing?

      • tomomo says:

        You have the point….. :-D
        I hope there are more various for JKT48 TV show in the future :lol:

        • Annie Tjia says:

          As far as know TVRI is picky about producing the programs. Young generations perhaps will be happy if JKT48 has a program there, but it’ll be set to TVRI’s standard, which is usually more into education, politic and social. They will be given a program that will direct more into education and culture I think, regarding to the close relation with Japan.

    • KageTora says:

      didn’t Shania once play in TVRI drama?

      • Annie Tjia says:

        But it was before she joined JKT48. There’s no guarantee if she will be asked again to play in TVRI drama. But.. As I had said, if one or all of members have program in TVRI it’ll be good for them. TVRI is governmental-owned TV channel, if they get a program there it’ll be like they are acknowledged by the government.

  6. Tomo says:

    OK, HERMAN san :wink: