JakJapan Matsuri 2013 – Are You Ready?


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  1. tomomo says:

    JKT48!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make jokowi dance KFC, please :lol:

    • benimaru says:

      Big daddy Jokowi is metalhead to the core..

      Having him doing fortune cookie moves are just..wrong from any point of view :mrgreen:

      Where else in this world you can find a governor of a capital province lead a meeting while wearing gun’s n roses shirt? 8)

  2. JK21 says:

    I hope does not happen a chaos like last year when JKT being guest star in this Festival.. I scared that zombies doing shameful action again… :(

    • HERMAN says:

      Correct. I heard quite a chaos last year. Even The Major had to leave the event early due to uncondusive situation. But fear not, my friend. I’m sure this year event will be better-prepared and well-anticipated. The committes have to make sure that Jak Japan Matsuri 2013 will run smoothly, by any means necessary. (Like…calling team S.T.A.R., perhaps?)

  3. SegantengGhaida says:

    this is JKT48 Jak-Japan Matsuri last year, Monas-Jakarta :mrgreen:

  4. Tomo says:

    Omedetou (Selamat ?), JAK-JAPAN Matsuri featruing JKT48 :-P Um, 55 years passed. So the treaty between Indonesia and Japan was concluded in 1958. Almost 7 years passed fron Teaty of Peace with Japan, Sanfrancisco. May I say “long” or “short”? By the way, The people who were born in 1958, the memoriable year of the treaty between Indonesia and Japan conclusion became 55 years old. In Japan, recentry, the people from the later part of 50 to 60 years old are called “Active Senior (almost retired or retired, but energetic to do something)”. Especially for 55 years old people, because, the 1958 is the year when they wer born, I hope thet they do something for the friendship between Indonisia and Japan. According to some newspaper reports that I read, approx. 10,000 Japanese persons are working in Indonesia, and approx. 2,500 Indonesian persons are working in Japan. Probably I am approved to say that “still small”and more persons are going up and down on the bridge between the both country. JKT48 is the friendship milestome born in the early part of 2000 betwee Indonesia and Japan:wink:

  5. I’m glad to hear that JKT48 and Bima Satria Garuda are invited to Japan Matsuri this year..
    I think both represents a great collaboration between Japan & Indonesia, in terms of music and TV show..
    I hope there will be more collaboration like these in the future, like the tagline of Jak Japan Matsuri “Indonesia – Japan: Always Together”

  6. kameshisha says:

    I wonder who will be performing there because there will be Pajama Drive Revival on that day, right?

  7. benimaru says:

    Do you know that there is a sumo championship that being held in jakarta?

  8. buddy says:

    I want to see JKT48 member wear yukata in Jak Japan Matsuri. :wink: I hope JKT48 management made event like fashion show in Japan someday, maybe like “JKT48 kimono fashion show”. it can made JKT48 became more popular in japan and make JKT48 fans in Japan happy. 8)

  9. Tomo says:

    Ohhhh!!! This is it, benimaru san :-P http://id.sumojakarta2013.com/.
    Will some Japanese travel agents prepare trips to Jakarta to encourage our OSHI sumo wrestlers :-P ?