The Puzzle of Team KIII

Richardson Kilis

Richardson H. Kilis is a U.S.-educated Indonesianist who studies the relationship of technology and cultural exchange.

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  1. hm says:

    She was sick

  2. T says:

    this also happened to Rachel, a frequent performer of Boku no Taiyou and IMO a better performer than Uty. She also didn’t make it to KIII.

  3. RedRanger48 says:

    AFAIK , Nichan don’t make her debut yet in Matahari Milikku. At May 23rd, she was replaced by Acha, so she never actually made her debut . For the reason behind her not included in the new Team KIII, well.. I’m not quite sure. Her absence for quite a long time was never really explained. Nichan’s statement during Handshake Event was that she was being hospitalized due to some stomach disorder. There are some rumours though, but I will not say it here.

    My biggest disappointment though was that Rachel Natasya being left out from Team KIII. She was one of the trainee members who appear regularly in this setlist. She was in the shonichi of Matahari Milikku, performing Himawari along with Della, Hanna, and Inyi ❤. Some of my friends who became her fans said that it’s a disappointment since she has a good , soothing voice.

    Saktia Oktapyani also has huge fans, AFAIK. She got one and a half Handshake Event session, the same amount Rona Anggreani got. She was apparently got sick before.. but it was 2 months ago. Dellia also has good voice. She was Tata’s under for some performances in Higurashi no Koi, and she sing it really well.

    Hmm… still.. Selamat Inyi >.< ❤

  4. AnakDekan says:

    she’s has been hospitalized so thats why she didin’t perform again for a while (she told me personally in RIVER handshake event) and she has been starting to training again for maybe 2 or 3 weeks after the handshake event and started to perform at off air event and RKJ backdancers once.with double work (regain her stamina and memorized the routine), maybe management think the best way now is not to promote her to team K, maybe she’ll get a team when a team shuffle take place in the future

  5. benimaru says:

    Annisa will be promoted to team J…

    and there will be more AKB members that transfered again to team K3..

    JKT rUleZ!!

  6. Adam Haris says:

    i wonder who will be the captain…

  7. With the announcement of team K, does it mean that the rest of the Trainee will serve as the under for both team?

    • aruppa says:

      Supposedly. They need to have more showtime, so instead of being under, they may perform in RKJ or Bnt more often since they don’t have their own trainee’s setlist. But there are no theater performance ’til September. So, anything will happen.