JKT48 Trainees’ BnT Debut Translation

Yupi : Nervous~~~ I’m scared…Now is BnT Shonichi…nervous..
Fans A : Very good! More colorful, more cheerful, You really should watch it!
Nadila : If I say “Paw Paw,” you should answer it with “Paw Paw Paw Paw~” Can we try it now?
Audiences : Yeah!
Nadila : “Paw Paw Paw Paw”
Audiences : “Paw Paw Paw Paw”
Nadila : My voice alone could shattered your heart! Hello! I’m Nadila!
Rona : Shake ‘yer hip!
Rona : The one with the crooked teeth! I’m Rona!
Viny : I really like the hip hop tune in one of the songs and that makes me sure that we’re gonna learn a lot from here. So please support us! Thank you!
Nat : Since I have what I call “Feelings” so I have to say that I’m really moved to tears, proud and shocked since the very short time of Pajama.
Nat : I also really love the songs in this new set-list. Like the hip hoppity M4 and also M2 with this move!
Fans B : This totally the opposite side of the coin compared to Pajama Drive for them. The image I have about them all changes, they were really good. This set-list is really worth it.
Fans C : It wasn’t Himawarigumi’s level but it was their own version of Himawarigumi and that was amazing!
Fans D : I was first skeptical about their ability. But after I watched them earlier, that was amazing. It was way high above my own expectation. Those trainees have really grown. Amazing.
Noella : We were all satisfied with our performance since we were not really good when rehearsing. But I don’t know why we managed to do it. [TN: It's called adrenaline burst, honey.]
Hanna : I’m happy with Lay Down!
Nat : Yep, with all the microphone stands! Isn’t that right Ka?
Ikha : Well…..I went with the broken heart-ed song….
Kariin : The shonichi was amazing! I’m tired but I’m happy.
Acha : Hmm how should I say it? I was really nervous, my heart racing so fast. In other words, the same with meeting your new long distance relationship boyfriend.
Tata : The handshake was funny in its own right! We have people gasping “Oh my God! That was Amazing!” something like that. So it’s kinda weird for me but really, they were all happy with our new set-list. I hope we can even bring it to the next level next time.
Yupi : Hello~~, I was really nervous. I was the shadow announcer and I was like..”Ugh….Nervous…” while holding my paper. And I was really afraid and then…and then….I tried to gather my courage and I started to pray and then..and then..at last. I.was.able.to.do.it!! [TN : You see Yupi...this is why people want to kidnap you in the first place.....*]
ALL : Don’t Forget to watch Trainees’ Boku no Taiyou!

ハンナ:Lay Downできてシアワセ!

Video Courtesy of JKT48 Official YouTube Channel

*There’s this legendary lore in local fandom that Yupi’s adorableness is no longer to the level of “Aww..how cute” but has escalated to the level of “I want to commit a crime by kidnapping this cute kitten”-kind of thing.

ビデオ提供: JKT48 Official YouTube Channel


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  1. Cl4p Trap, Reply

    If kidnapping Yupi is wrong, then i don’t want to be right. Kidnapping still a crime though.

  2. indr@, Reply

    Yupi: “terus abis itu…terus abis ituu…terus abis ituuu….”

    Aaaaaakkk..Yupi, why are you so cuuute? She is really kidnapable :mrgreen:

    Oh man, this video should be restricted to people with weak heart, because Yupi cuteness level is very dangerous.. :mrgreen:

  3. Japarta, Reply

    Good job, Tokyo Pop-san!
    And thans for making article, Angga-san!

    This is the video of BnT shonichi, but good for me to remember the
    Show I watched on June 2nd.

  4. Haddad, Reply

    I wonder what kind of food her mother ate when pregnant to gave birth such cute daughter >.<

  5. PN03, Reply

    Rona saw shaking jiko is E=MC^ (OMG)/WTF* and nuke my weak heart. Somehow i see Yuko in her
    * BD2 legendary grenade

    • Cl4p Trap, Reply

      Yuko oshi ha :lol: (Wow you are vault hunter too. Desperate search partner from INA, please add me my steam id is : Craptalk. See you in Pandora)

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