JKT48 Handshake Event Member’s Review
This is a review from Rinaldy Adipratama about last handshake event and may contain personal opinion. He already gave me green-light to translate his review. Source in Bahasa Indonesia below. Thanks Aldy !

This is my subjective analysis on the JKT48 members I meet at yesterday’s Handshake event,


1. Melody

She’s friendly but tends to be passive. She will have small talk to you formally, like asking about your health or condition. The interaction was more like “Ask Something and Melody will answer it”. It seems that Melody likes to be given suggestion and review about her performance on stage. If you came with no topic prepared, you should buy more than two HS tickets or you might end up with no deeper conversation.


2. Shania

She’s delightful yet active. She’s really friendly when she greets her fans, covered with a bit formal template. Shania seems to enjoy talking about casual topic. Shania would try to direct the conversation to talk about anything she knew about you. A really good idol.


3. Viny

She’s really friendly, and she’s curious in anything about you. (TL Note: I can vow that this is a truth). If you’re a new fan, she would ask about your name or social media account. Sshe like to ask anything about your condition : your job, your last holiday absolutely anything about yourself. Usually Viny would ask some review/critics about her performance. Viny is really available if you want to discuss about her job with her.

It’s not recommended for you to shake hands with her if you have a weak heart :)


4. Yuvia

Kind and… really cute. Tends to be passive. I suggest you to provoke her with some questions first in order to create a dynamic two-way interaction. If someone asked her to be kidnapped, Yupi would usually said “aah…” “no, you may not…” or “you’re meaan!!”

A really good recommendation when doing handshake with Yupi, is to ask her to mimic Nadila’s jikoshoukai… Bisa dicoba!


5. Stella

Really outgoing. It’s like having conversation with a good pal. Stella would definitely ask about your name and about you if she doesn’t knew about you yet. If she already recognized you, she would usually ask about your life. You would feel really special and really appreciated by Stella, as if she really knew you like a close friend (which she did).


6. Nabilah

Golden Hands. Nabilah would greet you friendly as if you’ve met in the previous live. She would either greet you by saying “hi bro!” or “Hey, it’s long time no see…” Nabilah would discuss anything she knew about yourself. Or if she doesn’t recognize you yet, she would start with any topics she has in her mind. Nabilah would fiddle with your hands, just like when we met a kindergarten pal, a girlfriend, or like in a father-daughter relationship.

The Title “The Idol with a Million Fans” bestowed on her is not a joke.


7. Nichan

Golden hands. Nichan would hold your hand so firmly as if she didn’t want to let you go. Nichan positioned herself like your girlfriend for the next 10 seconds (per tickets). She would talk about casual things like your daily activities or sometimes discussing things that would blew your mind. Sometimes Nichan would flirt with you that might make you feels like in the seventh-heaven. Once again, golden hands.


8. Viviyona

Really friendly, if you startled on your words, Yona would try to start the topic first. Usually asking about your body height, your hobbies, and your daily activities. If the conversation seems like it’s going towards a dead-end, she would try to live up the conversation like saying “Eh, look at my hair, do you think it looks good on me? Another God-Hand.


9. Naomi

A passive girl, we could see that she was a shy girl. But if she already recognize you (like about the second or third tickets), TsuNaomi (TL Note : a pun on Tsunami and Naomi) would try to start a topic first. Usually she would ask “Does my unit song suit me best?” (TL : Naomi’s Unit song is Idol Nante Yobanaide, in Miichan’s/Kasai’s position , I forgot lol)


10. Vanka

Passive. If you give nice bait, she would explore the topic even deeper. It’s recommended to discuss about simple things like hobbies, favorite food, body height, rather than talking about complicated things.


11. Novinta

Active. Don’t be afraid if you have nothing to talk. Usually Novi would ask about yourself in a friendly way


12. Nadila

Actually you could develop a really nice and interesting conversation with her. But it could only be happen if  you give her the correct bait. Once she’s comfortable with the conversation, it’s hard to stop. Vice versa, if the topic is not really interesting, then…


13. Ghaida

Really active and friendly. Ghaida positioned herself as a good old buddy. It’s recommended to discuss about hobby or gossip.


14. Akicha

She would usually ask about your condition, and basic conversation like “Apa kabar?” , “Kamu Senang?” etc. But she held your hands really firm and she stare deeply into your eyes as if she would not want to release your hand till the end of time.


15. Sonya

Sonya is a type of girl who would release her hand after handshake, then start conversation, and then held back your hands at the end of the session. Sonya would eagerly ask about yourself : hobbies, school, job etc.


16. Ikha

She’s really friendly. Ikha would ask your name first (if she don’t recognize you yet) and then start the conversation. Talking about cats and her daily life is really delightful.


17. Veranda

Passive girl. She rarely starts topics first so keep in mind to have several things to discuss with her. But to be honest, seeing she smiles at you is enough to make you feel comfortable


18. Kinal

Friendly and active. So much to talk about that would never make you grew bored. Kinal positioned herself as a good friend who really takes a good care of you. You should feel the golden hands of our Captain.


19. Sinka

Really passive. You’re the one who steered the conversation. The result how shaking hands with Sinka would end up is simply on your control. She had a good taste in fashion and make-up. And Fluffy is truly adorable.


20. Rona/Ayen

Rona is an idol who waits you to open up a topic. But then, Rona would accept any topics, questions or suggestions you give to her really well. It looks like Rona really love to be given critics and suggestion about her.


21. Sonia/Wawa

Simply friendly. It’s recommended to prepare something to talk first. Sonia would respond in her own cute way.


22. Dhike

Passive. But if you started a nice topic, Dhike would respond with her own Dhike-esque jokes which are smart and lovable.


23. Ayana

It’s really recommended to prepare some topics first, and enough amount of tickets. She’s sometimes slow at processing the conversation, she might spend up the time. But if the conversation was already “clicked”, the  interaction would evolve into something really enjoyable.


24. Hanna

She’s really fun and active. You would feel like you’re holding hands with a teenage girl who fell in love with you. Golden hand


25. Rachel

Rachel is quite active. Her intimate way of talking and her sincere attitude might made you feel like she was your long lost cute little sister you’ve just meet. Her eyes and smile would really make you melt.


26. Sisil

Active. Sisil usually starts talking about herself first. She’s like a sincere girl who eager to know more about you. A nice Idol.


27. Acha

A really active girl. It’s kinda useless to prepare your own topic since she would start the conversation and control the flow on the first go. Her way of speaking was really flirty, and she love to play with you, like “Kak.. try to say the letter ‘R’ or ‘S’ please… aaah you have lisps” or “I do not resemble Cl*o you knowww…” (TL Note : Yes she does). Talking from a gamer view point, Acha’s level is “Very Easy”.


28. Lidya

Golden hand. Lidya would try to start the conversation and she eagerly wanted to know more about you. If you have more than one ticket, you don’t need to worry since talking with Lidya will never grow monotone. It would be always fresh since new topics would always come up. Very recommended for newbie.

Translator Notes : Gua ga latah lid -_-”


29. Noella

Golden hands. She’s really friendly and she would start a topic  first. Usually she would ask anything about you, and she would ask you to evaluate her performance


30. Thalia / Tata

Really active and friendly. Tata positioned herself as a friend and looks like she loves a simple and casual conversation. Sometimes Tata would tease you a lil’ bit, but that would made you grew really close to her.


Note : This review is really subjective with various number and intensity of handshake. If this review doesn’t suit what you’ve pictured in your mind, then just pretend that this review is a fictitious work.


1. メロディー (http://jkt48.com/member/detail/id/16?lang=jp)


2. シャニア(http://jkt48.com/member/detail/id/23?lang=jp)


3. フィニ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/49?lang=jp)


4. ユフィア(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/30?lang=jp)


5. ステラ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/26?lang=jp)


6. ナビラ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/17?lang=jp)



7. ニーチャン(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/29?lang=jp)


8. フィフィヨナ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/57?lang=jp)


9. ナオミ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/53?lang=jp)


10. ファンカ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/55?lang=jp)


11. ノフィンタ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/44?lang=jp)


12. ナディラ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/41?lang=jp)


13. ガイダ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/13?lang=jp)


14. アキチャ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/58?lang=jp)


15. ソニャ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/25?lang=jp)


16. イカ(http://jkt48.com/member/detail/id/50?lang=jp)


17. フェランダ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/15?lang=jp)


18. キナル(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/8?lang=jp)


19. シンカ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/54?lang=jp)


20. ロナ(あだ名:アイェン)(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/24?lang=jp)


21. ソニア(あだ名:ワァワァ)(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/24?lang=jp)


22. ディケ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/20?lang=jp)


23. アヤナ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/3?lang=jp)


24. ハンナ(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/37?lang=jp)


25. ラヘル(http://www.jkt48.com/member/detail/id/38?lang=jp)


26. シシル(http://jkt48.com/member/detail/id/48?lang=jp)


27. アチャ(http://jkt48.com/member/detail/id/27?lang=jp)


28. リディア(http://jkt48.com/member/detail/id/39?lang=jp)


29. ノエラ(http://jkt48.com/member/detail/id/43?lang=jp)


30. タリア(あだ名:タタ)(http://jkt48.com/member/detail/id/56?lang=jp)


Some fans excitement photos from last Handshake Event.


Source : Rinaldy Adipratama Google Plus
Translated by : RedRanger48
Fans Expression Photos courtesy of : Dimas Wicaksono
Japanese Translation by Wotaliano

A Super Sentai in the night, A lightstick-wielding man in the day. Subject of Her Majesty Queen Vienny Fitrilya. And please call me Red. http://twitter.com/theredranger48

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  1. Richardson Kilis, Reply

    I feel like I have never read an impression of shaking hands with Beby.

  2. Buddy, Reply

    See this video before this video deleted “KAIGAI IKU NARA KODE NEE TO” :arrow: http://video.fc2.com/content/20130604c1WN5zPD/
    Source : AkichaFIJ twitter / Takumi san. 8)

  3. Haddad, Reply

    *with Ted Mosby’s voice*
    And that’s kids, how I drowned myself in delusion for the next two days…

  4. benimaru, Reply

    How many tickets the dude bought?

    Thick wallet he had.. *envy*

  5. PN03, Reply

    You have 30 tickets??!!! 8-O I feel….

  6. anakdekan, Reply

    I’ve handshaking with most of the girls mentioned above (not all of them just Viny, Nichan,Yupi,Noella) and i would say i have the same impression

    Can i added some impressions of my self? not for the girl metioned above

    1. Kariin
    She really talkative and curious about you especially when you’re a gamer just like her (she’s a hardcore online gamer) but if you’re not a gamer you can start by talking about her performaance (on theater or on TV)

    Not for the weak heart (i mean it), rena’s smile can instantly kill you on the spot and make you nervous and forgot everything you will say to her, try to compliment her performance and she’ll be happy. like akicha sometimes she will hold your hand firmly and for the finishing blow, she will give you the cute face expression that will make your heart melt (after that get ready for the delusion part,hehehe)

    I would say her is also a golden hand, she’s really friendly, i guess working as barista before joining JKT helps her interpersonal skill very much, talking to her like talking to the old friend, she usually greet you first and asking about your condition

  7. Torque, Reply

    I TOTALLY AGREE ON THE ACHA PART. SHE DOES LOOK LIKE CLEO. GOD. Sorry for the caps, I’m just excited that finally someone thinks the way I do LOL. My first impression on Acha: whoa… is that Cleo? – they do look alike, rofl.

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    This is the true definition of “wotajir” :mrgreen:

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    i got a part in HS with sinka.. and.. suddenly.. im became like now.. *if any one.. know what i mean..* :)

    • Buddy, Reply

      Hmm… :-? Please allow me to solve this mistery. :idea: After shaking hands with Sinka you cannot stop smiling :lol: on the way home you offend police officer with your smile so he put you in jail :roll: then you make other prisoners angry with your smile so they have to bring you to the hospital 8-O after that you make doctors and nurses afraid with your smile so they send you to mental hospital. :twisted: so the answer is “Sinka make you crazy” right? :mrgreen:

    • RedRanger48, Reply

      I know it dude , since I follow your twitter lol

      • Kiel, Reply

        nyahahaha… actually.. iim became crazy just a view second that i arrived at 5th floor.. and then…. thing’s goin crazy hahahha

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