Boku no Taiyou Shonichi by JKT48 Trainee

At last the JKT48 trainee have gotten their own setlist. I will now share my experience of watching the shonichi. The kage-ana for shonichi is Yupi and right after the kage-ana, the show starts. Four group songs are performed: Dreamin’ girls, Run Run Run, Mirai no Kajitsu, Viva Hurricane. They performed Dreamin’ Girls in an acapella style. After that 3 energetic songs were performed. Continuing with Jikou + MC the theme which was how they were feeling about new setlist. Well the MC is KKS style good, but still not as good as Team J.

Next on were unit songs

  1. • Idol Nante Yobanaide : Yupi, Shinta, Kariin, Nadila
  2. • Boku to Juliet to Jet coaster : Ayen, Acha, Natalia
  3. • Higurashi no Koi : Tata, Ikha
  4. • Itoshisha no Defence : Noella, Yona, Lidya
  5. • Himawari : Vinny, Della, Rachel, Hanna

After the unit songs, the Himawari team did the MC. The MC is still about “the new setlist” but the four of them were still not used to doing the MC together so it wasn’t as good an MC as the “Kagami team” MC. But in time I hope they will improve their MC-ing skill. Continuing on with Takeuchi sempai, Sonna Konna Wake de, Deja vu and then another MC. In this one, they did it better than the one before it. And after, they performed the last song of normal theater setlist which is “Yuhi wo miteiru ka?”

The encore call was started by the audiences after waiting for about 2 minutes and after 3 minutes the JKT48 trainee started to perform Lay Down. After Lay Down finished, another MC was waiting…I think the trainee really need to train their MC skill in this setlist. After 2 sessions of MC, they started their performance of Bingo! with Boku no taiyou being final song of the night.

Performance wise, they did a great job. For a Shonichi, their performance was almost perfect. But still, there are somethings they can improve. Like sometimes they make mistakes with their blocking, and for Yupi, maybe since this is the first time she has a center role for the setlist, it seems that she still needs to improve on being a center. But she’s already doing well though sometimes she lost to Ayen. For the lyric translation,  it’s better than I expected. I think the JOT already did their home work when it came to translating lyrics. And the best thing is their seifuku. The seifuku for this setlist is simply the best seifuku ever for theater. Even better than AKB one. For this shonichi, the best song that they performed is “Yuhi wo miteiru ka?”. The best performance for unit song is “boku to juliet to jet coaster”. While the most surprising one was when they performed “Lay down”. If you want to know why, you better watch it your self .

So I just want to say congratulations to the JKT48 Trainee for their new setlist. Now they can escape from Team J’s shadow. I hope with this setlist they can have their own aura, have more fans, and also have their show not be “empty” anymore. With performance like today, I’m pretty sure they can do it. Their home work is on MC-ing and of course the second team must as good as the first. So keep up the good work….. Ganbatte!!!!

I love photography and just a normal JTK48 fans ^^

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  1. mano haruka, Reply

    thanks for your repo!
    i’ve heard the audience attendance was far less than team J’s performance some time ago …
    then how about the attendance on shonichi? was the theater full?

  2. Djt, Reply

    Well the shonichi is full house. :)

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