Boku No Taiyo will be JKT48 Trainees New Setlist


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  1. mm says:

    I’m looking forward to listen to Dreamin’ Girls in Indonesian. One of my favorite opening song in a stage. :D

  2. Haddad says:

    yeah, it’s true. I’ll submit my report about today’s theater and this announcement tomorrow morning Angga

  3. Damn. Now I will never be able to watch Pajama Drive.

  4. marky says:

    hoping they aren’t gonna announce team k anytime soon just because i want them to be part of that Kenkyuusei concert that gonna take place in Japan.

  5. aruppa says:

    Ahem, I didn’t expect it will come this fast. But, after I gave it a thought for a little while, it seems reasonable. It’s May already and around 4 months after their first show. In sum with Team J kenkyuusei’s shows, Pajama Drive had been performed for almost 8 months. It’d been long enough and I thought JOT had already prepared DVD (or Blu-Ray?) for Pajama Drive performance but I don’t know when exactly they want to release it. I believe it will be released this year, though.

    I think, since this month JOT want to bring JKT48 to a new level. Singles, senbatsu system, variety show, new setlists, and maybe there are more. That’s why following them (and 48 family in general) is so addicting. This fandom always full of surprises.

  6. djt says:

    hmmm fine for me, but i hope before shonichi, they got promoted first ^^ regarding pajadore, i hope the new KKS will perform it :)