New Single and Senbatsu Members


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  1. Abel says:

    My oshi was selected…. Despite i’m not watching it, but i can at least feel the atmosphere in that “once in a lifetime” show… For those who were not chosen as senbatsu, never give up! :wink: Oh, what an update anyway! Very quick update! Good job! :-D

  2. Haddad says:

    200 tweets in a span of 10 seconds in my timeline are talking about this new single :lol: . Thank you JOT! now, my poor wallet will grow thinner than ever.

  3. anakdekan says:

    I’ll write and send to you my full field report tomorrow angga, i’m too tired right now :D

  4. mm says:

    I’ve always wanted them to cover RIVER since it’s my favorite AKB single ever. \(^0^)/
    I even commented back in February for them to sing RIVER. XD

  5. KEN says:

    That was a lie, right?Sonya!!Cindy!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

  6. djt says:

    well JOT is trying to make me broke now XD. well for kks not there i’m not really surprise since kks is still “kks” except if they already promoted to team k, and also they already have mirai no kajitsu. just hope beside senbatsu, there are under girls which contain the non senbatsu from team J + kks front line. for team J member that make me surprise is ghaida and cigul…. well i hope they got push on next single :)

    • benimaru says:

      because there are Aki and Haruka (who was a real senbatsu 8) ) on the list..

      which (like it or not), will put aside few potential existing members (Ghaida supposed to be one of JKT “kami-oshi” )..

      besides, it’s only for the PV.. we can always watch the “not selected” members performing the same song on several TV performance..

      as for the gen 2, just like you said, they already had their own cover song.. and me believe it also mark their own territory 8)

      when a team don’t have anymore rival from the outside, they tend to choose one from the inside..

      nicely done JOT..

  7. benimaru says:

    me just hope, the music video is a better one than the heavy rotation music video..

    they will performing it on surabaya show?? :-? :?: :?:

  8. New single, new PV, new senbatsu (?)
    Anyone know who will be the center for this new single? Is it Melody again? I prefer Akicha or Haruka, though.

    • a_r_a_i says:

      last night while performing RIVER, Melody as Acchan n Kinal as TakaMina…

      there r double center on RIVER right???…

      • Tomo says:

        Yeah. I want hear Kinal’s shout “JKTTTTTTT forty. eight”. as the mighty captain of team J:)

        • a_r_a_i says:

          actually when I heard Kinal say ‘Jey…Key… Ti….’ at the beginning of the song , in a part of “Ti….” it sounds like she said that with her sundanese dialect hehehehehehhe…

  9. Tomo says:

    Uhh, “River”. Impressive. In Oct. 2009, this song “River” was created by Akimoto san with Inoue Yosisama san(composing and arranging) and dedicated for AKB48 I remember. I like the concept of this song. “Your Dreams Exist on The Opposite Side of The River”. It can encourage us. “River” was best selling CD during the 1st week just after its release. I remenber “River” is the turning point of the AKB48 growth. I hope “River” will be also for JKT48 to start to penetrate into society talks. Contrally I have one worry. I worry the members who were not chosen as ” senbatsu” for “River” will resign from JKT48 one after another. Don’t be disappointed. I believe you all have many chances to be chosen for many other songs. Actually I can’t count how many songs are there, the 48 songs catalogue. Finaly, do you think the MV of “River” will be shot at your military base? It’s fun for me to know:)

    • benimaru says:

      those girls are strong mr. Tomo..

      me have strong believe, that they are not too childish to resign just because not chosen as a music video performer..

      they have their own personal goal regarding their involvement in JKT, and before that goal is reached, believe me, they will stay there..

      as for the mv, since sometimes JOT tend to do something different than the others.. maybe they were shooting the mv in a real conflict zone :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      • Tomo says:

        Oh My! In a real conflict zone. Good and stimulous idea. But it needs a huge amount of the fund of insuarance for the girls. Because they are the precious girls:))

        • Tomo says:

          In the “River” photo on JKT48 facebook, at the bottom of the right side, I found something fallen on the stage floor. The accessory of some one’s gloves? Did I check every little thing?

          • Rifqi says:

            That shiny little thing on the floor is Melody’s bracelet. A friend of mine stated that her bracelet fell during the song. But instead of picking it, she just leave it lying there.

          • Djt says:

            Yup that bracelet, and thanks to that bracelet their pose is really cool. Ogino-san is really a genius photograper ^^ he use the bracelet to make cool effect

    • PN03 says:

      Indonesia military base? NO NO NO!!! we proud of our armed force, bot not with their ancient military equipment.

  10. Well, at least it’s not called “Sungai”.

  11. NN says:

    If RIVER and Beginner got into JKT48’s spot, I’d very very happy 8-O ,both of ’em are my wild dream since JKT48 1st debut :wink: …I think Gitcha sensei will give her powerfull-magic-energetic lesson to these girls … you know like kimisuki of JKT48 version which has a lil bit different tempo ( it has more faster tempo ) compare with AKB48’s, :-P

  12. xzerozero says:

    it’s my dream our captain will shout first line of this Song…
    it’s thrilling!!

  13. Abel says:

    Probably, the most “thrilling” moment for JKT48 members and the fans itself….

  14. djt says:

    ok i saw river today, damn it’s funtastic XD