Akicha : Nabilah is My Daughter


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  1. nobuko says:

    so sweet :-D , such a beautiful mama-daughter couples, btw if akicha were a mama then I’d a grandma :lol: , nabila hug granny please… :wink:

  2. KageTora says:

    hmm… considering the fact that sometimes Nabilah is said to be like Oku Manami (Maachan – AKB 2nd generation) in appearance. I wonder if the ‘Mama Mama’ scene resemble Maachan vs Leah Dizon in their first Kouhaku Uta Gassen appearance – with different end.

    What do you call Yukirin – Mayuyu relationship, again?

  3. Tomo says:

    Akicha has a friendly personality. But I suppose some fans have possibilities to misunderstand that she is a cold or cross person from her shyness. She is the person who can let the other members to learn by showing her back. I think the other memebers can study many things from her. On the other hand, I suppose Harugon has an open mind and she is the person who has been busy taking care of other members. I think especially with Stella. When the captain of team J was announced, at the left side( seeing from the audience) of the stage, Stella was discouraged. But Melody and Harugon supported Stella. That was the impressive sequence for me personally.

  4. Tomo says:

    Regarding Stella, I don’t know exact reason why she seemed to be discouraged. But many fans in Tokyo suppose that Stella belived she should be captain. Again this is just hypothesis from me.

    • HERMAN says:

      Wow, does she have fanbase in Tokyo, Japan?. Jesus man!! That’s impressive, Too bad that she didn’t make it. They (Stella’s fans) have my sympathy.