Renai Kinshi Jourei Debut

JKT48 Team J performed their new set list “Renai Kinshi Jourei” for the very first time in JKT48 Theater, Wednesday December 26th 2012 along with Takajo Aki (Akicha) and Nakagawa Haruka (Haruka).

Akicha and Haruka put their picture among the other JKT48 personnel on the members wall as symbol that they have officially joined JKT48 as a member.


I’ve just been transferred over from AKB48 to JKT48 and I totally clueless about Bahasa Indonesia. But thank you very much for accepting me. This is my new home and I hope JKT48 could reached the same level or even surpassed AKB48“, said Haruka full of hopes.

Devi Kinal Putri (Kinal), the newly appointed Captain of the newly formed Team J said that the new set list have a much more mature theme compared to their old set list “Pajama Drive”. She also state her main goal to become the best Captain Team J ever have.

Meanwhile, the big sister figure in the group, Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Melody) promised that they will strive to be better and go all out with their new set-list and said her thanks to the fans support for the last 7 month of the old set-list “Pajama Drive”.

One of the front liner members, Stella Cornelia, couldn’t performed on the debut show and replaced by Gabriella Margareth Warouw (Gaby), one of the most versatile member. While Ghaida Farisya (Ghaida) fortunately still performing as a JKT48 member which then again confirming her status as a JKT48 member.

The set-list consist of a total of 16 songs. The complete set-list and the formation for each sub-unit song for the new set-list debut stage are :

–. Overture
01. Nagai Hikari (Cahaya Panjang)
02. Squall no Aida Ni (Di Tengah Hujan Badai Tiba-Tiba)
03. JK Nemurihime (Gadis SMA Putri Tidur)
04. Kimi ni Au Tabi Koi wo Suru (Jatuh Cinta Setiap Bertemu Denganmu)
05. Kuroi Tenshi (Malaikat Hitam) : Melody – Gaby – Jeje
06. Heart Gata Virus (Virus Tipe Hati) : Haruka – Rena – Ayana
07. Renai Kinshi Jourei (Aturan Anti Cinta) : Akicha – Ve- Beby
08. Tsundere! : Nabilah – Cindy – Sendy
09. Manatsu no Christmas Rose (Mawar Natal Musim Panas) : Shania – Dhike – Kinal – Ghaida
10. Switch
11. 109
12. Hikoukigumo (Jejak Awan Pesawat)
13. Ano koro no Sneakers (Sneakers Waktu Itu)


14. JKT Sanjou! (JKT Datang!)
15. Namida no Shinkokyuu (Nafas Dalam Air Mata)
16. Oogoe Diamond (Teriakan Berlian)

It was rumored that the old set-list “Pajama Drive” will still be in the schedule with the Trainees -in which consist of 2nd Generation members- working on it, but there’s still no further info about this from the officials.





01 長い光
02 スコールの間に
03 JK眠り姫
04 君に会うたび恋をする
05 黒い天使(メロディ、ゲビー、ジェジェ)
06 ハート型ウイルス(はるか、レナ、アヤナ)
07 恋愛禁止条例(あきちゃ、フェイ、ベビー)
08 ツンデレ!(ナビラ、シンディ、センディ)
09 真夏のクリスマスローズ(シャニア、ディク、キナル、ガイダ)
10 Switch
11 109(マルキュー)
12 ひこうき雲
13 あの頃のスニーカー
14 JKT参上!
15 ナミダの深呼吸
16 大声ダイヤモンド(メロ、シャニアのダブルセンター)


Japanese Translation by Tokyo Pop
Pictures Courtesy of JKT48 Official Twitter and user Skylee from Everyday48
Formation Lineup courtesy of Skylee from Everyday48

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