JKT48 2nd Generation Semifinal

Wenda : Good Evening RCTI viewers!
Ajun : And good evening too to all JKT48 Fans!
W : We meet again with me, Wenda Tan
A : And I’m Ajun Perwira, and now we’re in..
A & W : JKT48 2nd Generation Final Audition!
W : After going through a very tight audition phase, today, at last, we’re going to get to know how the 67 finalist fate for JKT48 2nd generation.
A : True that! in no time, we will get to know who will be the member for JKT48 2nd generation
W : I’m really anxious right now, does my favorite member could pass or not ? But to be honest with you, I’m really proud right now to be standing here since all the girls fights were amazing to reach this stage.
A : Yes, because it’s obviously not easy to become a member of JKT48. They’re not only required to be cute, good at dancing, good at singing but they also needed to have efforts, passions and hard work to always learn
W : Yeah, but if we talk about JKT48, it seems not complete if we doesn’t talk about this certain one, the total producer for JKT48, someone who have influence over Asian entertainment industry. You know whom I talking about ?
A : Of course I know! Who else if it isn’t Mr. Yasushi Akimoto ! He’s the guy behind AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48 and of course JKT48. He produced all that groups. And not only that Wenda, he’s also a lyricist, writer, director, and also a good TV Producer.
W : Whoa, that’s so cool, this is what we called a multi-talented person. Perhaps if not for him, we wouldn’t have what we know as JKT48 now.
A : True that, after we introduce Mr. Yasushi Akimoto, now it’s time for us to introduce all the judges who valuates all the finalist. And they are..
A : Gopta Chandra of Dentsu Media Group INA. Next, Takumi Matsumura of AKS Co.Ltd. Next we have Mrs. Kanti Mirdiati, RCTI Managing Director. Haris Thajeb, CEO Dentsu Group Indonesia, Masato Ono, Dentsu Media Group INA, and Toshiaki Gomi, Creative Director
A : And with all my respect, I invite Mrs. Kanti Mirdiati to give a welcome speech. Silahkan/Douzo
KM : Evening all. I’m very happy. Thank you very much to JKT48 management that gave an opportunity for RCTI to work together. And it’s obvious that the girls training is for real. We also proud that right now, there’s also a ooo48 in Indonesia after those in Japan. So Good luck to all the finalist tonight, hope everything go smoothly for you girls.
W : Thank you Mrs. Kanti. Now Ajun, we have introduced Akimoto-san, we have also introduced all the judges, And now it’s time for us to introduce all the finalist!
A : True that Wenda! perhaps there are those at home who still doesn’t know the face of the finalist, so without further ado, here they are , the finalist for..
A & W : JKT48 2nd Generation Final Audition!

- The Girls Coming from the Back Stage -

A : Everyone is cute, confident and talented! So whose going to be chosen as JKT48 Member ? Stay tune on..
A & W : JKT48 2nd Generation Final Audition!

Narrator (N) : To reach this stage, all of 67 finalist have gone through various audition phase. Starts with sending the registration form, interview, and the phase where they trained for their vocal, dance and unity.


N : And that’s all the finalist effort to attract the judges attention.
N : In between their efforts, there were tears. But the most important thing is to give the best to make our dream come true.
N : From all 126 girls who passed the interview phase, here’s the 67 finalist who made through to the final round.
N : In this round, the finalist were given a special physical training such as stretching, dance and also a vocal training.
N : After the dance and training session, all the participants were taken to a place to train them how to work in unison for team building via an outbound activity


N : Surprisingly, in this quarantine phase, everyone passed to the final audition stage


N : After through a special training again, now it’s time for them to show what they can do in front of the final judges
N : And this is all the 67 finalist who made it through to the final stage of JKT48 2nd Generation Audition!

A : That proves that to become a JKT48 member is far from easy. You need to have effort, passion and hard work! Okay, so now we have Wenda Tan who is ready for a quiz session

-Totally unrelated Quiz Session with an unrelated question also-

A : Thank you Wenda! Now, in this final audition phase, all the finalist has been judged by the judges earlier. What is it looks like ? here’s the snippets!

GC : What do you expect yourself to be in the next 5 years ?
Girl A : I want to be someone who can share with others especially in the field of singing and dancing
?? : Can you tell me the reason why you love JKT48 ?
Girl B : I love JKT48 since all of them are passionate be it in good time or bad time, they always passionate and confident and always knew how to motivate others and themselves
Girl C : [inaudible,too much echo , but it's something about to support something or someone ?]
?? : Who is the person you admired the most, and why ?
Girl C : My mom who always motivated me, supported me and educated me to become someone with a consistent and diligent nature. Especially in this industry which required me to work harder and be much more confident that I can do it.

A : And that’s the judging process earlier this morning
A : Since all finalist has been judged one by one by the judges, now it’s time to announced whose among them that deserved to be a member of JKT48. So stay tune on..
A & W : JKT48 2nd Generation Audition!

W : Whoa.., That was awesome right Jun ? I mean, the performance by the JKT48 1st Generation members. And I’m sure the 2nd generation will do as awesome as them. Before we continue with the announcement, I want to show to the viewers, a special snippet that shows how amazing idol groups such as AKB48 or JKT48 are. Curious ? Here ya go!

- Snippet -

A: That’s how great they are! And then next, among all of this finalist will going to do the same, gimme some noise people!
W : How about if we test their passion first! JKT!!
ALL : 48!!
A : 2nd Generation!!
ALL : Audition~~
A : Okay….

-Awkward Silence-

A : Let’s repeated it again, seems like they have no energy left (due to nervous)
W : Okay, let’s try it again. JKT!!
ALL : 48!!!
A : 2nd Generation!!
ALL : Audition~~
A : Aww maaan…
W : What happened to you girls ? (laughing~)
W : Congratulations to all the finalist who have done it this far !

- Sudden silence, the MCs listening to their earpiece monitor, looks like there’s a sudden announcement coming -

W : Okay.., we have just received a sudden important information for the chosen finalist. For that, let’s see this special broadcast.

Yasushi Akimoto (YA) : I’m Yasushi Akimoto, AKB48 Total Producer
YA : Congratulations to all the finalist. BUT. The audition is not stopping here, I want to invite you to Japan to participate in the real final audition. And of course, AKB48 staff will also take part in judging the new JKT48 2nd Generation. That’s why, we really expecting you girls to be here in Japan. I’m really looking forward to see you, JKT48 2nd Generation candidates. Let’s meet in Japan, JKT48 2nd Generation candidates!

W : Whoa, I’m sure that the finalist right now is getting more and more nervous. I bet each one of them really wants to be chosen as the real final candidates of JKT48 2nd Generation.
A : And if they were chosen, they will take a flight directly to Japan!
W : And will be auditioning directly in front of Akimoto-san! Isn’t that cool!
A : So the audition is not stopping right here Wenda
W : Yeah, so there will be one more phase, the last phase
A : Okay, to prevent them to getting more and more nervous and the viewers at home is getting curious, let’s get into the announcement by one of the judge.

Jiro Inao (JI) : Yep, I will tell you by numbers for those who passed.
JI : 03, 04, 07, 013, 014, 015, 016
A : Congratulations for those who passed! So who’s next ? We will know that soon after a break, stay tune on..
ALL : JKT48 2nd Generation Final Audition!!

JI : 020,024,029,031,032
A : For those who hasn’t been called, you can leave the stage now.
W : Congratulations for those who have passed. For those who have passed can go directly behind next to the LED.
A : Next! Let’s continue with the next line
JI : 036,039,040,042,043,044,045,046,047,049,051
W : For those who hasn’t been called, you can leave the stage now. And for those who have passed can go directly behind next to the LED.
A : For the next line
W : The last line
A : Hmm…which one of them will pass ?
W : And goes to Japan! Gimme some noise people!
A : JKT!!
ALL : 48!!
W : 2nd Generation!!
ALL : Audition!!
A : Let’s continue then
JI : 053,055,056,059,060 (TN : 59+60 = Another sisters)
W : Whoaaa, there’s not much left! , so who’s next ?
A : There’s not much left, so who’s next who pass for an audition in Japan
W : Curios right ? I bet you guys at home also curious
JI : 62
W : Whoaaaa, it’s getting there, the final moment!
A : Wait a minute Jiro*

- Ajun is listening to his earpiece, seems like there’s a command coming in to make the announcement by Jiro Inao more dramatic by saying the number slower -

W : Wait up wait up, lemme see whose next
W : Who ? Who ? I bet you guys are curious

- Reading at Jiro Inao’s lip, he looks like saying “Boleh” which can also be translated as “Okay” after Ajun whispered something into his ear -

A : So you guys curious whose next ?
W : What number is that it that I read earlier ? ermm..sixty..sixty..something..
A : Okay, Jiro, go ahead
JI : Okay, next is…number…sixty…………three!
W : Okaaay! , well Jiro-san, this is the last number now. Hmm, who is it next ?
A : There’s only one left
W : And get a chance for an audition with Bapak Yasushi Akimoto!
W : I bet you guys are curious! Whose next, whose next, who is it~~
A : Go ahead Judge!
JI : Next is….number…sixty…………four!!!
A : 64! that was the last number who passed to the next phase! Congratulations to all who passed! And for those who failed, please don’t lose your heart.
W : True that!
A : Keep in spirit (Tetap Semangat!), Ganbatte!
W : Since you girls still have a long fights in the future!
A : Congratulations to all of you! But Wenda, as we all know, the process is not yet over. They will have to face the last hurdle!
W : Yes!, and they will be judged directly by Mr. Yasushi Akimoto in Japan! Congratulations!
A : And you girls will go to Japaaaaaaaaan!!
A : So where’s the spirit ??? JKT!!!
ALL : 48!!
W : 2nd Generation!!
ALL : Audition!!
A : It’s time for us to say good bye! I’m Ajun Perwira!
W : And I’m Wenda Tan!
A : See ya!
W : Bye-bye~!

*(TN : Huh ? does he just called him “Jiro” without any honorifics like “Pak/Bapak Jiro” or “Jiro-san” ? or perhaps he twist his tongue since Jiro and Juri [judge] really sounds alike ?)

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